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Building a Responsive Layout With Skeleton: Widescreen

This post is part of a series called Build a Responsive Layout With Skeleton.
Building a Responsive Layout With Skeleton: Finishing Off
Skeleton to WordPress: Getting up and Running

It's time to pick up our Skeleton layout once more, this time to approach layouts larger than the standard 960px width. Skeleton throws a few curve balls our way when it comes to extending the framework - let's take a look at those difficulties and see what we can do to get around them.


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Extending Skeleton

During my experiments I came up with a couple of things. If you're interested, here are the recalculated columns for a 1280px container:

Also, here are the column widths recalculated as percentages. That's right, a fluid Skeleton! Be aware that nesting columns will not work in this case..

Additional Resources

Some useful links to further build on what's been covered in this video.

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