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How to Create a Classified Ads Website With WordPress and Lisfinity

Read Time: 7 mins
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In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create classified ads websites using a WordPress theme called Lisfinity. Before we jump in, let’s take a look at what a classified ads website is, and how you can earn money with one.

How to Create a Classified Ads Website

What is a Classified Ads Website?

Probably the best place to advertise nowadays is online, especially if you’re an individual looking to sell something (as opposed to a corporation). A classified ads website is a place where people and companied can buy and sell goods or services. The term “classified” comes from the fact that those goods and services are arranged in different classes and categories.

Possibly the most well-known classified ads website is Craig’s List:


Craig’s List was launched in 1995 and in 2016 had revenue figures of almost $700M. 

You might also know of Gumtree, the number one classified ads website in the UK, and OLX which has over twenty brands worldwide.

How do Classified Ads Websites Make Money?

The simplest way for classified websites to generate revenue is to charge a fee to anyone who places an ad. Another method is paid promotions, where sellers pay a fee to have their ads highlighted, or featured more prominently in search results. 

If your classified ads website generates a lot of traffic, you can also earn revenue from straightforward Google AdSense ad blocks.

How Can I Create a Classified Ads Website?

There are two main ways to create a classified ads website:

  • Using a classified WordPress theme
  • Hiring developers to create it from scratch

1. Using a Classified WordPress Theme

This first approach has the advantage of being fast, and cheap; expect to pay around $100 to get started (and that includes the theme, a domain, and hosting). 

The disadvantage is that you’re somewhat limited to the native functionality of that theme. Because of this, if you need a new feature for your website, you’re going to have to build it yourself, or hire someone to code it for you.

Another disadvantage is that you won’t be the only person buying that particular theme. You may end up with a website which looks like someone else’s. Saying that, classified WordPress themes are usually highly customisable, so you should be able to avoid this.

2. Hiring Developers

By Hiring developers to create your classified ads website you can make sure you get exactly what you want and that your end product will be unique.

The main disadvantages are the cost and timescales. Good developers are expensive, and if you go down this road you may take a long time to reach the finish line.

So, for most people, the easiest and most convenient way to start is by using a WordPress theme.

Lisfinity WordPress Theme: Build, Scale, Monetize

With all this in mind, I’m going to show you how to set up a listings website using a classified WordPress theme called Lisfinity. It’s a really solid way of building what we want, so let’s take a look.

lisfinity demo pagelisfinity demo pagelisfinity demo page
Lisfinity ads page, showing listings, filters, and map

At the time of writing, Lisfinity is pretty new to the marketplace. But in the short time it’s been available it’s racked up plenty of sales and positive reviews. It also piqued our interest thanks to its unique feature set and modern design.

Let’s take a look at the homepage demo to familiarize ourselves with it. We begin with the hero section with search, and then some main featured categories:

home page herohome page herohome page hero

Scrolling down you’ll find a promo ads section. Click on an ad to be taken to a complete listing, with all the details, the images, location, and everything else a buyer would need, laid out in a really clear fashion:

promo adspromo adspromo ads

Continuing with the homepage you then have an explainer (helpful for potential advertisers):


Then an area of social proof showing off partners and glowing testimonials:


Lastly, before the footer, a news widget to show off the most recent blog posts:

latest newslatest newslatest news

For a more detailed look, don’t forge to check out the video at the top of the page.

How is Lisfinity Different From its Competitors?

A number of features make Lisfinity stand out as a classified WordPress theme in my view. Here’s a summary, but you can check out a complete walkthrough of each one in the video.

  • Fields builder: categories and properties within them for organizing all your listings
  • Search builder: customize what each search widget looks like and how it behaves
  • Based on WooCommerce: all ads, packages, pricing etc. are built on WooCommerce
  • Microtransactions, promotions and pricing packages: these really make Lisfinity stand out—combining these three powerful features enables you to easily monetize your classified ads website. Microtransactions allow you to charge for small extras in addition to whatever the package price includes.
  • Vendors: vendors create an account and are then able to manage their own ads.
  • Elementor support: Elementor currently only works on the homepage, but the theme authors are soon to release full Elementor support for the whole website.
Dashboard showing packages; an easy way to manage monetization of your website

Lisfinity Q&A

With that quick overview of features, let’s address a few questions you might have.

Is Lisfinity Easy to Install?

Lisfinity is really easy to install. After activating the theme you’re greeted by this installation wizard which tells you if the server configuration is okay, installs a child theme and all the necessary plugins, and some demo content.

installation wizardinstallation wizardinstallation wizard

Is it Easy to Edit Products in Lisfinity?

Yes. You can do this in two different ways; either

  1. via the normal WordPress admin dashboard
  2. via the custom Lisfinity dashboard which is designed specifically for the job

What Kind of Classified Websites Can I Make With Lisfinity?

Any kind you want!

Can I Import Ads From My Old WordPress Website?

Absolutely. Use the free version of WP All Import (WordPress plugin) to make sure all taxonomies and data types are correctly exported and imported.

WP All ImportWP All ImportWP All Import

Is It Easy to Monetize?

Lisfinity is very easy to monetize thanks to the microtransactions, pricing packages, and promotions.

Do I Need Special WordPress Hosting?

Not at first; you could use shared hosting until your traffic increases. Once you have more visitors or more ads, you’ll likely need something more powerful or with more storage space.

Is It Cost Effective?

I think it is; for $59 you’re getting a very capable and powerful product. If you’re starting a classified ads website the core ads functionality is the most important thing you need, and so you’re getting all that for a very low price.

Where Can I Get Lisfinity?

Lisfinity is available exclusively on Themeforest.

My Personal Verdict

What is my verdict on this classified WordPress theme? I think it’s great! It’s full of features and very solidly build. However, there are always things which can be improved and in this case I think speed could be looked at. Users on mobile might find a Lisfinity website a little slow. Some parts of the documentation are outdated, though I’m sure that is easily addressed.

Saying that, this is a very new theme and is being updated quickly and often. If you’re looking to create a classified ads website I can highly recommend using Lisfinity!

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