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Figma General and Miscellaneous Tips

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This post is part of a series called Figma Tips and Tricks.
Figma Handoff and Testing Tips

To wrap up our series of Figma tips and tricks, here are three quick tips which fall into the “miscellaneous” category.

Watch Tips

1. Quickly Switch to Outline Mode

Switching to outline mode every now and then will give you a better idea of what’s going on in your design. It can also help where precision is needed. Use either (CMD or CTRL) + Y, or (CMD or CTRL) + SHIFT + 3 depending on your platform.

Quickly Switch to Outline ModeQuickly Switch to Outline ModeQuickly Switch to Outline Mode

2. Access the Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Throughout this series I’ve mentioned different shortcuts depending on what your platform is. To clear up what you should be using, hit the question mark at the bottom of the screen and choose Shortcuts for a pop-up of shortcuts for your system.

Access the Shortcuts CheatsheetAccess the Shortcuts CheatsheetAccess the Shortcuts Cheatsheet

3. Customize Your “Nudge” Amount

Nudging is something you’ll use a lot when working with Figma, and we’ve already talked about using the arrows keys, or the arrow keys + SHIFT to do so, for small and big nudges respectively. You can also customize how big your nudges are by going to Menu > Preferences > Nudge Amount. There you can specify the size of both small and big nudges.

Customize Your Nudge AmountCustomize Your Nudge AmountCustomize Your Nudge Amount

Figma Learning Resources

That brings us to the end of our series on Figma tips and tricks! Thanks for watching and reading along–don’t forget we’ll be publishing plenty more Figma content in the future, and you can further your Figma learning right now with our series of courses:

The UI kit used in this tutorial is fully compatible with Figma and available from Envato Elements:

Finance Mobile App Template UI KitFinance Mobile App Template UI KitFinance Mobile App Template UI Kit
Finance Mobile App Template UI Kit

Learn Figma

We've built a complete guide to help you learn figma design, whether you're brand new to Figma's design tools, or you want to take your skills to the next level.

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