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Get Started With Foundation for Apps

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With the rising popularity of web apps, being a web designer now means you’re fully capable of being a software UI designer. 

It’s not just web sites we can design with our particular set of skills now, it’s also web applications, and frameworks like Zurb’s "Foundation for Apps" help to make that possible.

In this video tutorial you’ll get ready to produce Foundation Apps by installing and running the system of dev tools it provides, including automatic Sass compilation and localhost app preview. You’ll also learn how to integrate BrowserSync to enable live reload and multi-device testing.

Watch the Tutorial

Here are those links I mention in the video:

Watch the Full Course

In the full course, Up and Running With Foundation for Apps, you’ll learn all the essentials of working with the framework, such as loading custom templates, using the grid, custom styling, motion UI and more. You’ll also put what you've learned into practice by creating a complete UI for a Task Management web app.

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