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18 Great Campaign Monitor Templates for Email and Newsletters


Here’s some inspiration for your email design from some of the best campaigns out there–plus easy-to-download templates you can use for your business.

Note: this roundup is part of a whole week’s worth of email content on Tuts+ Web Design–check out the Mastering HTML Email learning guide for more!

What is Campaign Monitor?

They’ve been called “the hottest 10 year old startup” (Forbes) and “the biggest Australian tech company you have never heard of” (Financial Review). But if you work in marketing or manage a business, you probably know them as “that program you use to send emails”.

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing tool. It’s a simple, drag-and-drop email builder, made for created branded campaigns, sales pitches, and more.

Campaign Monitor stands out for being up to date on the latest trends in email marketing. They were ahead of the curve in marketing automation and user journeys; their 2019 email marketing predictions is a smart, data-driven read.

Inspiration: The Top 100 Email Marketing Campaigns

Campaign Monitor has compiled a list of the 100 best email marketing campaigns ever sent. It’s sortable by email type: marketing offers, newsletters, announcements, and events–brilliant design-inspiration!

Tips for Writing Emails People Will Read

Some time ago, I wrote an article for Campaign Monitor about how to craft an email that people will actually read. Here are some of the best suggestions and rules to follow:

  • Trust the data: Campaign Monitor has tools for analyzing almost every aspect of your email. Check out what links get clicked on the most, or which email send times lead to the highest open rates, and adjust accordingly.
  • Be consistent: Make your message consistent. Readers want to know what they’re going to expect–it gives them a reason to open the email. Are they motivated to read your Thursday update because they know they’ll want to enter the weekly giveaway? Will they open your monthly newsletter because they like reading the customer story feature every month?
  • Experiment: Once you have a general formula, try mixing things up. Guest writers, new formats, or different lengths are great ways to try new things in your audience’s inbox.

Design Time: The Best Email Templates for Campaign Monitor

1. Switch | Business Newsletter

Switch  Business Newsletter

Switch is a responsive business newsletter template; simple and striking, and ready for you to assemble in the StampReady email template builder. As well as being compatible with major email platforms like Campaign Monitor, Switch is also plays nicely with the Mailster plugin for WordPress, available on CodeCanyon.

2. Igodo 400

Igodo 400 - Responsive Email with Mailchimp Editor StampReady  Online Builder
Igodo 400 - Responsive Email with Mailchimp Editor, StampReady & Online Builder

Created in January 2018, but updated with great regularity, this responsive email builder has 400+ modules for content blocks in email. Another example from Psd2Newsletters, you can download their template builder to your desktop and build with the simple drag-and-drop composer.

3. Matah

Matah  Responsive Email Set
Matah | Responsive Email Set

This Campaign Monitor template, with its light blue accent color and easy-to-read font choices, is a top seller for Campaign Monitor themes. It’s also compatible with Mailchimp, Freshmail, Moosend, Constant Contact, and more. 

4. Scope

Scope - Marketing Email Notifiations
Scope - Marketing Email Notifiations

A minimal, white-on-white template that’s great for apps, product launches, or start-up companies.

5. Plazma

Plazma Email-Template  Online Builder
Plazma Email-Template + Online Builder

Plazma has 40 different content blocks to choose from, with unlimited colors and variations.

6. Cleveland

Cleveland Email-Template  Online Builder
Cleveland Email-Template + Online Builder

Cleveland is a newer template to the market, created in June 2018. It has 20 modules for building emails with a simple drag-and-drop builder. There are multiple export options, including HTML, Mailchimp, and Campaign Monitor.

7. Market

Market - Responsive Newsletter with TemplateBuilder
Market - Responsive Newsletter with TemplateBuilder

A simple template that’s been a bestseller since it was created by designers EverPress last year. Includes 24 color variations and 28 different elements, including 3-column, grids, tables, 4-column images, and text boxes in different configurations.

8. Koble

Koble  Business Email Set
Koble | Business Email Set

Want to write a newsletter that people will actually read? Aiming to convert readers into customers? Check out Koble, a business email template package with 200 (!) unique modules. This 2.0 version is updated with the ability to create responsive emails in some unsupported media query apps, using a hybrid solution.

9. Kent

Kent - Responsive Email Set  StampReady Online Builder
Kent - Responsive Email Set + StampReady Online Builder

This starry theme is one of the most unique templates on the list, with bold typography choices. Choose full-color, eye-catching images for your emails to really get the attention of your readers.

10. Hogar

Hogar  Responsive Email Set
Hogar | Responsive Email Set

With detailed design elements such as rounded buttons, grid-style blog articles, and video components, this template is useful for marketers and businesses.

11. Notify

Notify - Notification Email  Themebuilder Access
Notify - Notification Email + Themebuilder Access

The Notify template specializes on notifying your subscribers of certain messages, like welcoming them to their profile, sending a thank-you message when they’ve made a purchase, or sending a forgot password reminder.

12. Bolder

Bolder  Minimal Newsletter
Bolder | Minimal Newsletter

A responsive template featuring simple borders and grid-style design. This demo is pretty muted, but we think it would look great with some brighter color choices and images, too.

13. Happy

Happy - Responsive Christmas  New Year Email Templates with Stampready Builder Access
Happy - Responsive Christmas & New Year Email Templates with Stampready Builder Access

It’s never too early to start planning your holiday campaigns! Add this template to your library so you’re ready to go when December rolls around.

Find more Campaign Monitor templates created/uploaded within the last year on Envato Market.

Campaign Monitor Templates Available on Envato Elements

Feeling indecisive? Instead of committing to and buying one template, try out a design asset subscription service, like Envato Elements. For one flat rate each month, you get access to unlimited (!) downloads of email templates–plus WordPress themes, stock photos, stock video templates, and more.

There are almost 200 email templates which are Campaign Monitor-compatible on Envato Elements (at the time of writing). Here are a few favorites:

1. Blade

Blade - Responsive Email  StampReady Builder
Blade - Responsive Email + StampReady Builder

2. Emailo

Emailo - Responsive Email and Newsletter Template
Emailo - Responsive Email and Newsletter Template

3. Limice

Limice - Responsive E-mail Template
Limice - Responsive E-mail Template

Useful Campaign Monitor Links

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