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How to Change the Site Title in WordPress


In this really quick tip you’ll learn how to change the website title in WordPress. It’s a very easy process, so let’s begin!

How to Change the Site Title in WordPress

Where is the Website Title Used?

But before we look at how to change the WordPress website title, let’s quickly look at where it appears:

  • In your browser tab
  • In your website header (depending on the theme you’re using)
  • In the <title> tag of your website’s code (for SEO purposes)
  • In the top left of the WordPress admin

How to Change the Site Title in WordPress

To change the title you need to open up the WordPress backend (the admin panel) and go to Settings > General. Where you see Site Title enter the title you want and click Save Changes:

How to Change the Site Title in WordPress

The WordPress Tagline

The WordPress tagline can also be edited here, and reads “Just another WordPress site” by default. It’s often displayed along with the WordPress site title.

Changing the Title With the WordPress Customizer

You can also go to Appearance > Customize to open the site customizer. There, under Site Identity, you can change the WordPress title, the tagline, and even the favicon.

That’s How to Change the Site Title in WordPress!

I told you this was a really quick tip, didn’t I? If you’d like to learn more about using WordPress take a look at the resources below:

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