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Quick Tip: How to Quickly Create Social Media Assets Using Sketch

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In this quick tip I’ll explain how to use a Sketch plugin which makes it really easy to output all your social media visual assets. Let’s take a look!

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Exporting Social Media Assets

This quick tip has nothing to do with designing social media icons, or visual assets. Instead, it focuses on a plugin Sketch which helps you export all the required files, at the correct dimensions, for all your social media channels.

The plugin we’re using is Artboard presets for social media images by Herr Helms, and it’s free to install via Github, or with Sketch Toolbox. 

installation via Sketch Toolboxinstallation via Sketch Toolboxinstallation via Sketch Toolbox
Installation via Sketch Toolbox

As the name suggests, this plugin adds artboard presets for the most commonly needed social media assets, such as Facebook cover images, Twitter profile thumbnails, Dribbble shots, YouTube posters and so on.

artboard presetsartboard presetsartboard presets
Just some of the many presets

Once you’ve designed your assets, on the various artboards you need, you can select those you want to export and click Export Artboards at the bottom right hand of your screen.

That’s a Wrap

And we’re done! I hope you enjoyed this quick tip–let us know in the comments of any other Sketch plugins you recommend.

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