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What Is Parallax Scrolling?

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Simple Parallax ScrollingSimple Parallax ScrollingSimple Parallax Scrolling

If you've been involved in front-end development for any time, you've probably heard the term 'parallax scrolling'. In this short video from my course Scroll Events Made Easy, I'll show you what parallax scrolling is and walk you through a few examples online.

Watch the Tutorial

Watch the Full Course

Many beginner web designers shy away from slick effects like parallax scrolling and scrollable navigation simply because they're afraid of JavaScript. 

In the full course, Scroll Events Made Easy, you'll learn how to use three powerful, simple JavaScript frameworks to create your own eye-catching scroll effects without having to type much of your own JavaScript at all.

Premium Option

If you want a ready-made parallax scrolling solution, you could use one of the WordPress themes on Envato Market, like Jarvis - Onepage Parallax WordPress Theme.

Go unlimited with Envato Elements and unlock more than 100 Parallax WordPress themes. At the same time, with a minimal monthly fee from $16.50, you will also enjoy access to a growing library of more than 680,000 items.  

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