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15+ UI Kit Examples to Speed Up Your App Design Workflow

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Whether you’re launching a new company or updating your digital presence, building an app can help catapult your business into success. After all, 21% of millennials open an app 50+ times a day and 70% of all US digital media time comes from mobile apps. However, with so many apps out there, yours has to offer users genuine value and be simple to use if it's going to be opened again and again. 

What Are App UI Kit Examples? 

Building an app from scratch can be a costly, labor intensive process involving multiple teams. With a UI kit from Envato Elements, you can pick from thousands of unique designs before customizing them to make them your own.

Why Use UI Kit Examples?

  • Save Time: Speed up the app design process by picking a template that suits the needs of your or your client’s business.
  • High Quality: Many UI kit designers have years of experience under their belts—if you’re newer to the world of web design, by picking their designs you can benefit from their skill.
  • Save Money: With a subscription to Envato Elements, you can pick as many UI kit templates as you like at no extra cost.

15+ UI Kit Examples to Speed up Your App Design Workflow

1. Events Mobile App (for Sketch)

If you’re designing a mobile events app, users need to know key information like what, where, and when in a single glance. This design kit for Sketch has been created with simplicity in mind, with 22 screens to help users easily find events in their local area, photos from past events, and share new posts.

Events Mobile AppEvents Mobile AppEvents Mobile App

2. Smart Home Controller App Design

This UI kit Figma template categorizes household products to help users control each one individually. They can also view products according to rooms, and view key data such as humidity, temperature, and duration. Simple iconography also helps users to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. 

Smart Home Controller App DesignSmart Home Controller App DesignSmart Home Controller App Design

3. Health – Medical App

Long gone are the days when waiting for days to see your family doctor is the only option. With this digital design kit, users can view doctor profiles, specialisms, services, hospital information, schedule appointments, and chat with a doctor. It comes with 15 iOS screens and it’s compatible with Figma, Adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop. Like many of the best UI kit examples, it’s easy to edit too. 

Health - Medical AppHealth - Medical AppHealth - Medical App

4. Workout & Health App UI Kit

With so many health and fitness classes out there, knowing which ones to pick can feel overwhelming. This design kit (compatible with Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch) helps users to search for nearby classes according to different categories, such as ‘muscles to be prioritized’ and popular classes. You can also search via date. 

Workout & Health App UI KitWorkout & Health App UI KitWorkout & Health App UI Kit

5. Chatting Mobile App

If you’re looking to create a simple app to aid chatting with friends old and new, then this is a great option. The design kit comes with the Figma source file and font link documentation to help you recreate the look. It’s fully customizable, and as you can see from the demo, chats are easy to follow with content organized by profile. 

Chatting Mobile AppChatting Mobile AppChatting Mobile App

6. FinFlow – Finance App

This design kit is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a modern design kit to showcase clients’ financial data in a simple way! It comes with 30 iOS screens, including card details, card verification, card history, and personal information. Charts, graphs, and other infographics help users to view trends in their finances as well as recent cash flow. 

FinFlow - Finance AppFinFlow - Finance AppFinFlow - Finance App

7. Job Finder App

Finding a new job can also be a time-consuming process, unless you have an app design kit like this one! Job seekers can upload profiles to tell potential employers more about their skills and expertise before searching jobs via categories including ‘popular’ and ‘recent’. You can also chat directly within the app. 

Job Finder AppJob Finder AppJob Finder App

8. Dating Mobile App

If you’re in the market for some matchmaking, then here’s a UI kit Figma template for you! The UI is clean and simple, with users able to search for potential suitors via categories including  ‘near you’, and ‘recent partners’. Like many of the best dating apps out there, users can also send direct messages and set up profiles to start telling people more about why they’d make the perfect match. 

Dating Mobile AppDating Mobile AppDating Mobile App

9. Navi App – Car Navigation Map iOS & Android App

This is a great UI Kit example. When driving, simplicity in navigation apps couldn’t be more important to ensure users keep their eyes on the road.

As you can see from the design kit demo, users can follow clear directions in large bold font, as well as see nearby points of interest such as restaurants and shopping malls. It’s fully customizable and compatible with Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe XD, and Figma. 

Navi App – Car Navigation Map iOS & Android AppNavi App – Car Navigation Map iOS & Android AppNavi App – Car Navigation Map iOS & Android App

10. Food Restaurant App Kit

Leave users hungry for more with this elegant design kit! Less is more with UI design, with this template opting for large imagery and simple text overlays to let readers know more about recipe picks and ingredients. 

Food Restaurant App KitFood Restaurant App KitFood Restaurant App Kit

11. Furniture Mobile App

Make life easier when furniture shopping with this easy-to-navigate UI kit Figma app. Users can scroll via product for easy searching. It’s then a seamless experience to add the products to the shopping cart. Stores can share more information about each product, with a useful spot to add a description. 

Furniture Mobile AppFurniture Mobile AppFurniture Mobile App

12. Pet Adoption Mobile App

Choosing the perfect pet to join your family is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. With a design kit like this, you can help users find the right match. Users can search via animal and distance and then see key stats like age, sex, weight, and distance. There are also sections dedicated to useful articles, such as dangerous food for dogs. 

Pet Adoption Mobile AppPet Adoption Mobile AppPet Adoption Mobile App

13. Coffee Shop App - Mobile Kit

Help caffeine fiends get their fix with this intuitive coffee shop app. Users can pick their drinks before ordering them online in a couple of clicks. Cafes can list their menu alongside imagery to help them make their choices, as well as their customer ratings.

Coffee Shop App - Mobile KitCoffee Shop App - Mobile KitCoffee Shop App - Mobile Kit

14. Musique - Music Streaming App App

With 10 iOS screens ranging from the top 100 weekly tunes to a play view, to a search screen, to a playlist, you can see how this design would work intuitively. Users can also see useful data, such as how many monthly listeners an artist has. It’s also 100% color customizable so you can give your app whatever look you’d like. 

Musique - Music Streaming App AppMusique - Music Streaming App AppMusique - Music Streaming App App

15. Sushi Mobile App

Tempt sushi fans with their favorite meals with this UI kit Figma app. Users can scroll through recommendations before adding their choices to the shopping cart. Every dish is rated to help foodies with their choices, alongside other useful information such as a description and tags such as ‘bestseller’. 

Sushi Mobile AppSushi Mobile AppSushi Mobile App

16. Travel Mobile App

As the world opens up and holidays begin to be on the agenda for the first time in a few years, it can be overwhelming to work out where to go first! This design kit makes decision-making easy, with users able to search for favorite places or via categories such as ‘popular’, ‘recommended’ ‘nearby’ or ‘new places’. 

Travel Mobile AppTravel Mobile AppTravel Mobile App

Free UI Kits on Tuts+

We’re giving away free UI Kits which you can download right here on Tuts+! Check out what’s available right now, and stay tuned for more free UI Kits coming soon!

Over To You!

Did you find the perfect design kit for your needs? If so, great! If you’re looking for something different, head on over to Envato Elements.

Are there any UI kit examples you think should make the list? Let us know!

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