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UX/UI Kits to Speed Up Your Design Process

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An original design can make your web projects stand out. However, crafting each design element from scratch can be a very time-consuming process. When you have deadlines to meet and a pile of work waiting for your attention, it’s not always the most realistic approach.

That’s the beauty of UX/UI kits. They offer sets of components that you can easily customize and integrate into your own design work. The right kit can help to increase efficiency and save you from reinventing the wheel.

Today, we’ll share some examples of various elements that can benefit from the use of a UX/UI kit. Each one is available with your subscription to Envato Elements–home to over 4,200 kits. You’ll also have unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of other top-quality design resources. Let’s get started!

elements and uxui kitselements and uxui kitselements and uxui kits
Browse through thousands of UX and UI kits on Envato Elements

1. Slides

Slideshows continue to be a wildly popular feature on the web. We see them everywhere, yet we don’t always see individual slides that emanate a sophisticated look. Part of the reason for this may just be that designers don’t have much time to spend in this area. Plus, it’s often easier to just use a photo. This is where a UX/UI kit featuring attractive slides can add some extra bling to your design without requiring a lot of effort.

Fitness SliderFitness SliderFitness Slider
Fitness Slider

It’s even better if you can find a kit that falls within your site’s niche, such as Fitness Slider. Here, you’ll find ten beautiful, easy-to-edit slides in PSD format. Each file is layered, takes advantage of Photoshop smart objects, and makes use of free fonts.

2. eCommerce Layouts

An eCommerce shop should feature a clean, colorful look, and provide an intuitive UI. After all, the ultimate goal is to convert visitors into customers. When it comes to design, however, you don’t need to start from ground zero. A UX/UI kit can serve as a great starting point, allowing you to customize things to match your needs.

3. Landing Page Assets

Landing pages are a terrific way to handle online promotions or even serve as a temporary ‘coming soon’ placeholder. As such, it may not always make sense to invest a lot of time in something that won’t be around for the long haul. Having access to some common design assets here can get you up and running quickly.

Singleton UI PackSingleton UI PackSingleton UI Pack
Singleton UI Pack

What’s great about the Singleton UI Pack is that it provides various options for just about everything a landing page could need. The kit includes a series of ‘cards’ that can be mixed and matched, such as headers, footers, blog areas and portfolios. Each of the included PSD and Sketch files contain multiple styles for each type of card.

4. Website Flowcharts

One of the earliest phases of the design process involves mapping out the structure of your website. Flowcharts are a great choice for illustrating how things fit together in a highly-visual way. The challenge is that you want to create something attractive for clients to review, while not expending too much of your precious time. A great UX/UI kit will help to meet both of those needs.

UX Flowchart CardsUX Flowchart CardsUX Flowchart Cards
UX Flowchart Cards

With UX Flowchart Cards, you’ll have everything you need to create professional-looking charts in short order. Included are 296 cards that cover a wide variety of use cases for both desktop and mobile. Files are available in vector formats for Adobe Illustrator and Sketch.

5. Banners

Design doesn’t end with the website itself. There are numerous marketing-related items that require our attention as well. For example, banners are always in demand for use in advertising and social media. That’s why having a library of pre-sized assets is so important. It can keep you cranking out beautiful graphics as quickly as your clients need them.

Product Banners Ad - 45 PSD 03 SetsProduct Banners Ad - 45 PSD 03 SetsProduct Banners Ad - 45 PSD 03 Sets
Product Banners Ad - 45 PSD [03 Sets]

Product Banners Ad is a kit that includes 45 PSD banners that cover a wide range of uses. You not only have access to standard ad sizes (skyscraper, leaderboard, etc.) but also popular social media formats as well.

Free UX/UI Kits on Tuts+

We’re giving away free UI Kits which you can download right here on Tuts+! Check out what’s available right now, and stay tuned for more free UI Kits coming soon!

Great Design, Greater Efficiency

When you think about it, UX/UI kits are part of a larger set of tools designers can use to build websites more quickly. They share the same space as stock photography and even code frameworks. The idea is to produce high quality work without spending a second more than you have to in putting it all together.

One of the real advantages of using kits like the examples above is that they put you closer to the finish line, but without taking away from the originality of your design. Because you can easily edit these assets, they provide a perfect fit for just about any project.

More Wireframing and UX/UI Kit Resources on Tuts+

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