Building a Ghost Theme From Scratch

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This tutorial series will take you step by step through the process of creating a theme for Ghost, the exciting new entrant into the world of blogging platforms.

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    Understanding Ghost: Stages of DesignUnderstanding ghost retina
    The process of building themes for Ghost is incredibly smooth, simple and very easy to learn. But before you start building an actual Ghost theme it's important and helpful to understand the role themes play in the overall Ghost ecology so that you can design in the optimal way.Read More…
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    Organizing Ghost Theme Files and FoldersGhost files retina
    This is the second part of our Ghost theme design tutorial series. Everything from here assumes you have a foundational understanding of Ghost. If not, before continuing please take the time to read Understanding Ghost: Stages of Design).Read More…
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    Adding Ghost Template Tags and MarkupGhost template retina
    Welcome to the third part in our series on building a theme for Ghost. This instalment will take you through the remaining steps needed to finalize your theme's templates.Read More…
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    Styling Our Ghost Theme With LESSGhost less retina
    Welcome to the fourth part of our Ghost theme design tutorial series. In the introductory tutorial, you learned that there are two stages to designing a theme. During the instalments therefater we began and completed what we've referred to as "the first stage" of creating your theme's templates. This fourth part of our series takes us into the next stage of theme design, namely styling.Read More…
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    Defining Our Ghost Theme's Color and Basic LayoutGhost color retina
    Moving swiftly along with the styling of our Ghost theme, this tutorial sets out some width settings, the color and some basic layout adjustments.Read More…
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    Uber Aesthetics and ResponsivenessGhost rwd retina
    Welcome to the final part of our Ghost theme design tutorial series! In the previous two parts of this series we worked on the first half of styling our theme and laid the groundwork for responsive behavior. This fifth and final part finalizes our styling and completes the task of making our theme fully responsive.Read More…
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    Update: What’s New in Ghost ThemesGhost logo dark
    In this tutorial we’ll take “UberTheme”, the theme that was completed in lesson six of the series, update it to comply with current requirements, and include some of the latest additions to Ghost.Read More…