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Web Design Learning Guides

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    The Designer’s Guide to Figma

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    Figma has become a real favorite in the battle of web design applications. Packed with design tools (some completely unique) and continually in sync thanks to its web-based nature, Figma has been making designers and design teams very happy since its launch in 2015. 
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    Web Accessibility: the Complete Learning Guide

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    Web accessibility (often referred to by its abbreviated “a11y” form) is something many internet users don’t think about, yet it affects almost all of us in some way. Accessibility is about you, your friends, colleagues, and family members. It’s about having empathy for other internet users. It’s about all of us being able to use the internet in the easiest way possible, without hinderance or confusion.
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    Figma Tips and Tricks

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    Figma is fast becoming one of the industry’s favorite design and prototype tools. In this series of tutorials Kezz Bracey will walk you through an extensive collection of tips and tricks, so you’ll be working with Figma like a pro in no time!
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