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20 Best Food Blog & WordPress Website Recipe Themes


According to a study of Google search trends, food blogs are the second most popular type of blog (ranked between fashion blogs and travel blogs). And it’s easy to see why–cooking is an essential part of life for everyone, and food is something that has always brought people together.

If you’re looking to launch your career (or side project) as a food blogger, or you’re just looking for a place to share photos of your weekend experiments with your new slow cooker, creating a website for your work is the first step. Here are twenty WordPress themes that are ideal for food blogs and recipe sites:

1. Food Blog

Food Blog - WordPress theme for personal food recipe blog
Food Blog - WordPress theme for personal food recipe blog

This WordPress theme is made for food bloggers, and it’s super easy to install. Users can submit recipes to the recipe directory, and there’s even a tool to add or search by ingredients. There are seven different blog layouts, responsive design, Google fonts, and gallery posts.

2. CookBook

CookBook - Food Magazine Blog
CookBook - Food Magazine Blog

Creating a virtual cookbook? Check out this theme, which has a modern full-width home page, featured posts, and more. There are more than forty color options, with custom widgets, a dedicated search results page, and the option to embed media. It’s SEO-optimized and advertising-ready.

3. Tasty Food

Tasty Food - Recipes  Food Blog WordPress Theme
Tasty Food - Recipes & Food Blog WordPress Theme

With a 5-star rating, this theme has a grid-based layout, similar to popular food site Foodgawker. There’s a “random post” section where you can highlight articles from the archives on the home page, making the most of your content.

4. Vanda

Vanda - Creative Blog  Magazine WordPress Theme
Vanda - Creative Blog / Magazine WordPress Theme

A creative WordPress theme that’s geared towards recipes and ingredients. It has four different post styles, which is nice if you want to add some variety to your site. The rectangle feature/accent color for categories makes the design of this website stand out.

5. Positive

Positive - Blog News Magazine WordPress Theme
Positive - Blog, News, Magazine WordPress Theme

This theme isn’t made specifically for food blogs–it’s super adaptable for any type of blog or online magazine. There are eleven built-in demos, including sliders, full-screen headers, two-column, and other layouts. It comes with Visual Composer, which is one of the most popular drag-and-drop page builders on the market. You can also add ads to your site, to monetize your recipe’s popularity.

6. Avocet WordPress Blog Theme

Avocet WordPress Blog Theme - for Lifestyle Food Travel and Fashion Bloggers
Avocet WordPress Blog Theme - for Lifestyle, Food, Travel and Fashion Bloggers

An elegant WordPress theme for “food, travel and lifestyle bloggers”. There are 600+ typography options, color customization, and 3-column sliders. The theme is rated highly for their support team, one reviewer saying that they “are all about ensuring that you get the best experience possible”.

7. Cook Traveler

Cook Traveler - Responsive Blog WordPress Theme
Cook Traveler - Responsive Blog WordPress Theme

I love this theme. It’s modern and the typography is fresh, the color accents simple and well-chosen. There are several theme layouts to choose from, with nine different home page layouts, five headers and footers, and a “coming soon” page. It’s built on Bootstrap 3, and it’s optimized for fast loading speeds.

8. Gastro

Gastro - Multipurpose Cafe  Restaurant WordPress Theme
Gastro - Multipurpose Cafe & Restaurant WordPress Theme

This one is more geared towards restaurants, but it’s an adaptable theme. It has a strong anti-PDF menu stance, promising “the less annoying food menu” with a clean, elegant and SEO-friendly menu design. It’s compatible with OpenTable, the world’s most popular service for restaurant reservations.

9. Neptune

Neptune - Theme for Food Recipe Bloggers  Chefs
Neptune - Theme for Food Recipe Bloggers & Chefs

If you’re feeling non-committal, this theme offers a try-before-you-buy feature with full access to the demo version. It’s built to create a community for those who love to cook - with searchable recipe ingredients, a recipe database, and more. Your readers can even add recipes, making it crowd-sourced and collaborative. There are ten layouts for different recipe pages, and you can show the view count for each recipe.

10. Recipes

Recipes WordPress Theme
Recipes WordPress Theme

A filterable, super-searchable recipe directory theme. Choose by category, or browse top-rated or recent recipes. There’s also a blog post feature that’s separate from the recipe feed, which would work well for blog announcements, giveaways, or other non-recipe writing. It’s fully responsive and works with Google recipe view.

11. Talisa

Talisa - Food Recipes WordPress Theme
Talisa - Food Recipes WordPress Theme

Another WordPress theme that features grid-based design and a spacious, easy to navigate homepage. It’s an uncluttered look that’s great if you don’t have too much content or plan on publishing less frequently.

12. FlyFood

FlyFood - Catering and Food WordPress Theme
FlyFood - Catering and Food WordPress Theme

This theme works with Wordpress.org and Wordpress.com (they’re different!). It comes with UNYSON, a free drag-and-drop page builder. It promises that building a page will take less than three minutes, and they’ve got installation videos and how-to’s to guide you through the process.

13. Blogon

Blogon - WordPress Blog Theme
Blogon - WordPress Blog Theme

BlogOn is a blogging-focused theme that’s adaptable for food bloggers and recipes. It’s creative and simple, with different options for logo headers, carousels, and feature posts. If you want to mix up the white-background style and add a background image or other bold design choices, that’s an option, too.

14. Florentine

Florentine - Responsive Magazine Theme
Florentine - Responsive Magazine Theme

Pretty, modern design and a grid-based layout make this theme from MeridianThemes a top choice. It has a high rating from users, and it fits a lot of recipes on the home page–perfect if you are publishing often or have a big library of recipes to showcase! With 19 different modules all designed by expert web designers, there’s room for customization to build your perfect site.

15. Food Blog

Food Blog  A Responsive WordPress Food Blog Theme
Food Blog | A Responsive WordPress Food Blog Theme

Is your website optimized for Google AMP? With AMP, mobile pages load faster and are given preference in search results. Recipes are one of the top-searched categories out there, and loading time matters. This theme is optimized for AMP on mobile, and it’s also SEO-friendly.

16. Alps Blog

Alps Blog - Lifestyle Blog  Magazine WordPress
Alps Blog - Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress

Simple, black-and-white design that doesn’t distract from your content or recipes. This theme has four post formats, four custom widgets, an Instagram feed on the footer, and social icons. The stick page navigation means your readers will always be able to find what they’re looking for.

17. Bacon

Bacon - User Generated Recipe Theme
Bacon - User Generated Recipe Theme

Is “put bacon on all the things” still a big food trend? Probably–and if so, this aptly-named WordPress theme is a smart choice. It’s another one that has a user-generated feature, where users can submit a post, and then the admin can approve it for publication. There’s even a social component with a “love” feature for each recipe.

18. Setwood

Setwood - WordPress Blog  Shop Theme
Setwood - WordPress Blog | Shop Theme

Setwood is a simple WordPress theme with a perfect rating from users. It comes with free lifetime updates, so you won’t have to worry about your WordPress theme going out-of-date or being unsupported. It works on mobile, tablet, and desktop, and there’s WooCommerce integration (perfect for launching a shop for your cookbook or custom apron line, perhaps).

19. Cuisine

Cuisine - WordPress Blog  Recipe Theme
Cuisine - WordPress Blog & Recipe Theme

This theme features a custom recipe plugin, which creates recipe cards for each recipe. There are multiple page layouts, unlimited color schemes, and custom widgets. There’s importable demo content, which makes it easy to swap the content on the site for your own.

20. Food & Cook

Food  Cook - Multipurpose Food Recipe WP Theme
Food & Cook - Multipurpose Food Recipe WP Theme

With nearly 3,000 sales, Food & Cook is a recipe theme that has all the bells and whistles you’d need for your site. It’s compatible with YouTube and Vimeo for video embed, which is great if you plan on producing video recipes.

Get Cooking!

With this range of themes to get you started, you’ll be up and running with your own foodie-website in no time. Enjoy!

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