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10+ Best Moodle Themes for Courses in 2021


Moodle is the best platform to publish your courses on in 2021. It’s easy to use and allows you to display all the information you need.

What sets it apart from all the alternatives is the wide range of themes that can help you set up a powerful and attractive website pretty quickly.

“The heart of Moodle is courses that contain activities and resources.” -Moodle pedagogy

If you’re unfamiliar with how to create Moodle courses, stick around until the end of the article and we’ll teach you how to do that.

Find the Best Moodle Themes for Courses on ThemeForest

Best Moodle Themes for Courses on ThemeForest

You can find many modern and beautiful Moodle themes on ThemeForest, download them, and customize them to your needs. So if you’re looking to launch your course fast, without breaking your wallet, check out the featured Moodle themes on ThemeForest.

Best Moodle Themes for Courses

Take a look at some of the best Moodle themes for courses on ThemeForest.

1. Edumy - Premium Moodle LMS Theme

Edumy - Premium Moodle LMS Theme

Edumy is a beautiful and modern Moodle theme that comes with multiple demos and has night learning and a focus mode. 

The theme is fully responsive and you can easily customize it to your needs thanks to the 85+ blocks. 

2. Space, Responsive Premium Moodle Theme

Space Responsive Premium Moodle Theme

The Space theme has quite a few amazing features to help you create the best university website.

It also comes with these amazing features:

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Multi-language Support
  • Support for RTL languages
  • Compatibility with popular plugins

3. Lambda - Responsive Moodle Theme

Lambda - Responsive Moodle Theme

The Lambada Moodle theme comes with a modern, responsive, and attractive design. It’s also packed with amazing plugins and features to help you create your learning website.

This is what one of the satisfied buyers had to say about the Lambada theme:

“I can’t really choose my one main reason for rating this theme 5/5. There are several reasons: customizability, features, excellent support, exhaustive documentation, etc. Highly recommended!”

4. Klassroom - Premium Moodle Theme

If you're looking for a Moodle theme that supports all custom plugins, multi-language compatible, and easy to customize, then Klassroom is the Theme for you.

Some of our favorite Klassroom features are:

  • Exclusive theme Settings for complete customization
  • Easy to upload theme images
  • RTL Compatible
  • Highly customized UI for every page element

5. New Learning | Premium Moodle Theme

New Learning  Premium Moodle Theme

The New Learning theme has a minimal and modern design. You'll be able to easily display your courses with the indexing feature.

Did we also mention that you can showcase your top courses and that the theme is fully customizable? 

6. Alpha | Responsive Premium Theme for Moodle

Alpha  Responsive Premium Theme for Moodle

This amazing Moodle theme is built to allow you to create your dream educational website.

Alpha offers you the best Moodle experience, a friendly user experience, and modern design. All of these features are guaranteed to take your Moodle website to the next level.

7. Academic - Responsive Moodle Theme

Academic - Responsive Moodle Theme

Academic is a modern, clean, and responsive educational Moodle theme suitable for all your needs.

You can set any color combination, fully customize the theme, and it also comes with free support and updates.

8. School - Exclusive Moodle Theme

School - Exclusive Moodle Theme

School is an amazing Moodle education theme. It's flexible, beautiful and the perfect solution for those who are looking for a responsive and customizable theme.

This theme also comes with these amazing features:

  • Marketing spot section with fully customizable
  • FrontPage Featured Courses section (carousel)
  • Multi-language compatible
  • Highly customized UI for every page element

9. Cognitio | Premium Moodle Theme

Cognitio  Premium Moodle Theme

Cognitio is a flexible and user-friendly Moodle theme. It comes with an easy to use admin panel, custom plugins, and many other awesome features such as:

  • Drag and drop front page builder
  • User bookmarks
  • Fully responsive
  • The course dashboard

10. LearningZone - Responsive Moodle Theme

LearningZone - Responsive Moodle Theme

This education Moodle theme has everything you need to create an excellent education website. It comes with numerous integrated and visual features, which makes it very easy for you to start your own education website and publish Moodle courses.

And on top of the amazing features and the beautiful design this theme comes with, it also has great support, as evident by this review:

“I can't explain how much this Author is fast in responding to my issues, I have dealt with other theme developers in theme forest but I can defiantly say this is the fastest Author ever in the world !!!!”

11. Trending - High Quality Responsive Moodle Theme

Trending - High Quality Responsive Moodle Theme

Trending is an extensive Moodle theme that!s a great solution for anyone looking for a clean and professional design, coupled with useful features, and a customizable layout.

12. Alanta - Responsive Premium Moodle Theme, based on Bootstrap 4

Alanta - Responsive Premium Moodle Theme based on Bootstrap 4

Alanta comes with a beautiful and modern design with predefined color schemes that you can use as a starting point for your Moodle website.

This theme is responsive, supports custom plugins, and has built-in social media support.

3 Quick Tips for Your Courses Website

1. Clear Navigation

When building a course website, there are a lot of important pages that need to be easily accessible to your website visitors.

2. Add Google Analytics

Adding Google Analytics to your website will help you see which pages are the most visited as well as what search terms visitors are looking for. 

3. Add a Blog to Your Website

Add a blog to your website so you can post news and other information that visitors might find useful.

More Moodle Themes

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Learn More About Moodle Courses and How to Create Them

I hope that you enjoyed our list, and if you want to learn more about Moodle and how to create courses, I suggest that you take a look at this:

Our complete course: Introduction to Moodle

  • Introduction to Moodle

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