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18+ Best One-Page WordPress Themes With Parallax Designs


Nowadays, it’s essential for any business to have an established online presence. Aside from various social media profiles, a website is an absolute must if you want to promote and market your company.

WordPress is a popular platform of choice for most business owners; partly because it’s easy to use and partly because of the sheer amount of themes that allow anyone to create an attractive site quickly.

However, some business owners don’t want a typical website with multiple pages. They want a simple site that allows them to get their message across, to invite potential customers and clients to take action, all while still looking like a million bucks. 

That’s where one-page WordPress themes come in.

one-page Parallax WordPress template examples from Bateaux theme
Beautiful one-page WordPress template layout examples - from the Bateaux theme.

Why Use a One-Page WordPress Theme?

A one-page WordPress theme is a great way to present the information about your company in a clear and concise way: 

  • They work well for websites that don’t have a lot of content for their inner pages which can leave your website feeling bare or unfinished.
  • They don’t have to visit multiple pages to find your contact information or to take a look at services and products you offer.
  • Your information is immediately available to anyone who lands on your site and you can clearly direct your visitors. 

Another benefit of one-page WordPress templates is the fact that most of them come with a stunning parallax effect. If you ever wanted to use full-width images on your site without causing your site to load slowly, then a parallax design is exactly what you’ve been looking for. What’s more, the parallax effect lends itself greatly to highlighting your calls to action and drawing attention to them.

Today, we showcase the best one-page WordPress themes with parallax designs that our ThemeForest marketplace has to offer:

Best one-page WordPress themes available on ThemeForest
Best one-page WordPress themes, available on ThemeForest

The Best One-Page (Parallax) WordPress Themes

We’ve curated a selection of the best one-page WordPress themes that are suitable for a variety of business websites: from agencies and startups to designers and photographers, there’s a theme for everyone on this list. Browse through these to find the best one to make your one-page website with.

1. Uncode - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme
Uncode - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Like many of the one-page WordPress themes listed in this roundup, Uncode is a creative multi-purpose theme based on WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer). It comes packaged with a wide range of one-page possibilities (50+), including the screenshot you see above which uses a subtle parallax hero section to great effect. If you’re looking to build a landing page, and you’re in need of inspiration, Uncode will suit you perfectly.

2. 907 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

907 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
907 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

907 shows off full-screen images in all their glory (as you can see above), allowing parallax video, customizable color overlays, with recent updates allowing full screen background videos on mobile too. 907 is another multipurpose theme which gives you the flexibility to build your own unique one-page website from the range of components available.

3. DynamiX - Business / Corporate WordPress Theme

DynamiX - Business  Corporate WordPress Theme
DynamiX - Business / Corporate WordPress Theme

Parallax is at its most effective when it’s barely noticeable–the subtle presence of depth and dimension, rather than jarring movement and confusing scroll actions. Nowhere better can that be seen than in the Lakeside demo from DynamiX (screenshot above). It’s perfect for a one-page website. DynamiX has been sold over 10,000 times since its launch; testament to its reliability and popularity over the years. 

4. Fevr - Creative One-Page Parallax WordPress Theme

Fevr One-Page Parallax WP Theme

All of you mobile developers or business owners who are about to launch their own app, product, or service should take a close look at the Fevr one-page website template. The layout has plenty of sections and space to showcase all the features and benefits and help you generate buzz for launch day. 

On top of an elegant design, this one-page WordPress template also offers a setup wizard to help you get your site up and running as fast as possible. There are also endless possibilities to customize colors, fonts, menus, icons, and much more.

5. The Ark - Fast One-Page Parallax WordPress Theme

The Ark one-page parallax WordPress theme

Touted as “the next generation WordPress theme” Ark has a lot to offer. The demos feature one-page layouts for a restaurant and a hair salon, but Ark is flexible enough to be used by any other type of business to create a stunning one-page website. 

The theme includes the Fresh Page Builder and more than 200 big section blocks that you can drag and drop anywhere on the page. The parallax effects are there as well, thanks to their Fresh Grid feature. Lastly, this one-page website template can be integrated with your brand seamlessly thanks to the powerful theme options panel.

Learn how to quickly set up a one-page website using this great WordPress theme: 

    How to Make a Simple One-Page Website: From a Parallax WordPress Theme
    Brenda Barron

6. Bateaux - Versatile WP Theme With One-Page Parallax Design

Bateaux one-page theme with parallax design

If you are on the lookout for a one-page WP theme for your creative studio, look no further than Bateaux. This WordPress theme has a minimal and clean design that puts your services into main focus, accompanied with sections to show your past work, highlight theme members, and incorporate elegant calls to action. 

The parallax WordPress theme is powered by the Blueprint page builder which gives you a preview of changes in real time. It’s also compatible with popular plugins such as WPML so you can translate your website and market to an international audience.

7. TwoFold - One-Page WordPress Parallax Photography Theme

TwoFold one-page photography WordPress theme

TwoFold offers a variety of different layouts that were designed with photographers in mind. From Ken Burns effects to sliders and full-width single image, the one-page WordPress template will showcase your photography with style. Several header layouts are also available as well as password protected pages to protect client photos.

8. Skrollex - Creative and Modern One-Page WP Theme

Skrollex modern one-page WordPress website theme

Skrollex is a modern WordPress theme with a unique design that’s perfect for any creative agency or studio. The parallax sections draw attention to your services, portfolio, and calls to action while the customization options allow you to turn this theme into a perfectly branded website. You can take advantage of the video support to showcase your portfolio or product in use or to simply greet your customers.

9. Comet - Bold And Responsive One-Page WordPress Theme

Comet one-page responsive WP website theme

Consider Comet if you like bold typography and plenty of whitespace to showcase your business. The one-page site template uses Visual Composer to create different layouts and you can easily create your own unique layout too. The WordPress theme includes pricing tables as well as progress bars, countdown timers, and even more features to help you stand out.

10. Overlap - High Performance Parallax WordPress Theme

Overlap one-page parallax website theme for WordPress

The Overlap theme sets itself apart with its ability to automatically generate page sections and navigation tags for your one-page website. Pair that with a stunning design and awesome parallax effects, and you’ve got a great starting point for your one-page site. Customize it further with brand colors and fonts, and use the generated sections to provide information about your company, key employers, testimonials, and more.

11. Grand Photography - One-Page Parallax WordPress Theme

Grand Photography one-page WP theme for photographers

Another great choice for photographers who want to quickly launch a website to showcase their photos is the Grand Photography WordPress theme. The parallax effect is a great way to tell a story using your photography and guide potential clients to your hire me page or contact page to inquire about a photoshoot. The one-page website template includes plenty of customization options as well as a bulk uploader and editor for the uploaded photos and galleries.

12. Dazzle - Sophisticated One-Page WordPress Theme Design

Dazzle One-Page WordPress Website Theme Design
Dazzle is another best one-page WordPress theme that can take your website to a new level.

This best one-page WordPress theme has a sophisticated design and it allows you to share the idea behind your company along with a mission statement. You can also insert testimonials and share your creative process with potential clients. 

The contact form is accompanied by a Google Map to show your location. Parallax effects can be used for any section of the website and the options panel allows you to customize every aspect of this best one-page WorPress theme.

13. Kameleon - Multipurpose WP Theme With Parallax Effect

Kameleon versatile parallax one-page wordpress theme

With a name like that, you know the Kameleon theme can be used for any purpose and by any business industry. Aside from parallax effects, this one-page WordPress template also offers several premium plugins such as Visual Composer Builder, Layer Slider, and Contact Form 7 builder so you can quickly adjust the layout of your site, and make it easy for potential clients to get in touch with you.

14. Fildisi - Scrolling One-Page WordPress Website Theme

Fildisi one-page parallax WordPress template

The Fildisi one-page site theme has a beautiful scrolling and parallax effect that’s sure to capture the attention of your visitors. What’s more, each section fills the whole screen and allows the visitor to focus on your message. 

This works great for various calls to action and the fact that the template can be entirely customized only makes it easier to market your best product or service. It’s also optimized to load fast and comes with detailed video instructions.

15. Dylan - Well Documented Parallax WordPress Theme

Dylan parallax WordPress website one-page theme

If you’re looking for a one-page WP theme that’s easy to setup and provides plenty of tutorials to get your site up and running, look no further than Dylan. The website template offers several concepts and thanks to the Visual Composer Builder integration, you can create an attractive layout simply by dragging and dropping modules into place.

16. Morello - Professional One-Page WordPress Theme

Morello one-page Wordpress professional parallax site template

Try out the Morello theme if you want a clean and corporate look for your website. On top of the appealing parallax design, the one-page site theme also has various icon sets available to help you add even more visual interest to your page and highlight your services and testimonials. 

Make this theme truly yours by taking advantage of Visual Composer and various customization options in the admin panel.

17. North - One-Page Parallax WordPress Theme

North - One-Page Parallax WordPress Theme

This one-page WordPress theme features a clean and professional design that is perfect for agencies and creative studios. The power page builder, Visual Composer, comes with your purchase and will allow you to take full control over the customization of your parallax WordPress theme. 

Here a few notable features for this best one-page WordPress theme:

  • Revolution and Layer Slider 
  • WooCommerce support
  • powerful themes options panel
  • light, dark, and night layouts
  • font-awesome icons

18. Nimmo - One-Page WordPress

Nimmo - One-Page WordPress

Make your business look professional with the parallax WordPress theme, Nimmo. This one-page WordPress theme is suitable for anyone who is looking to create a modern landing page to highlight only the most important aspects of their business. This theme is compatible with all major browsers and comes with premium plugins such as WP Bakery and Slider Revolution to help you build a completely customized website.

View a live preview of this one-page WordPress theme to see if it is right for you. 

19. Unfinity - One-Page WordPress

Unfinity - One-Page WordPress

Unfinity Plus is one of the most versatile parallax WordPress themes ever created. Whatever type of business you are in, you can find a way to create a stunning looking site that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. This one-page WordPress theme comes with a whopping 20+ layout designs. 

Here are a few of this themes notable features:

  • 20+ header layouts
  • SEO optimized design
  • CSS3 animations
  • carousel elements
  • dedicated support team

View the live preview of this Parallax WordPress theme and see just how powerful it is.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a One-Page Parallax Website

The parallax effect is an in demand design trend right now. If you want to make sure you use it the right way, keep the following five things in mind:

1. Parallax Effects Help You Tell an Uninterrupted Story

A Parallax effect is almost always used with the best one-page websites. It gives you the perfect opportunity to create a story about your company and your business and share it without any interruptions. Organize your sections in a logical fashion as natural extensions of one another, rather than jumping randomly between them.

2. Use Only High Quality Images

Images are the backbone of a great parallax effect. Rather than settling for the first set of images available, take some time to find high quality photos that don’t cause too much visual distraction. Remember, you’re telling a story so use the images as the backdrop rather than the star of the show. 

3. Less is More

Keep the copy on your page to a bare minimum and avoid using jargon. This is not the place to use industry-related terms that require an in-depth explanation. Use a theme like Kameleon or Anema to create as many sections as you need to describe your business and your services without cluttering any particular section.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Calls to Action

Calls to action play a large part in one-page websites and the parallax effect does a great job of drawing attention to them. However, that doesn’t mean you should rely on parallax and the default styling to encourage visitors to click on your CTA. Opt for a customizable theme that allows you to style your calls to action as well as the rest of your website.

5. Keep Your Heroes in Mind

The real heroes of your site are your products and services. You want your visitors to focus on them so don’t be afraid of adding icons to highlight them or use a subtle animation effect to help them stand out. You can even use videos to showcase features and the benefits of the product.

Discover More Great One-Page WordPress Themes With Parallax Designs for 2020

The templates mentioned in this article are a collection of some of the most professional and feature-rich one-page WordPress themes available on ThemeForest.

However, these templates only make up a small percentage of what is available on ThemeForest’s massive library of WordPress themes. 

Also, the templates above may not have the features and designs that your business needs for your current website. To help you find the best WordPress theme that works your particular businesses, check out more best-selling WordPress themes in the three Tuts+ articles below

Get Started With Your One-Page Parallax Website

Launching your one-page parallax website has never been easier thanks to the huge selection of beautiful WordPress themes. Browse through our top WordPress theme selection to find the perfect one for your site and create a stunning one-page site with parallax design.

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