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20+ Best Parallax WordPress Themes for 2022

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Parallax scrolling (or parallax for short) has been popular in web design since around 2011. Back then, it was a cool and exciting new design trend implemented by all the trendy and cool websites due to its captivating concept.

Today, parallax is used much more strategically as it can genuinely take a website’s design and user experience to the next level.

This post showcases a list of selected WordPress themes with parallax scrolling. Each theme is regularly updated, which makes theme maintenance significantly more manageable. 

For your next project you need a parallax WordPress theme and Envato is the place to look for the best parallax themes for WordPress.

How Parallax Works

You might have heard of parallax and have thought what is parallax and what is parallax scrolling?

To create a parallax effect, a section’s background moves slower than the foreground elements as you scroll, creating a sense of depth. When the parallax section is sandwiched between ones that don’t have a parallax effect on their background, it further amplifies the effect.

This concept of parallax is nothing new however, and certainly isn’t limited to websites and games. It is, in fact, a natural phenomenon in physics and geography. Observing parallax effects is how early astronomers were able to measure stellar distances. 

Top 15+ Parallax WordPress Themes

Now you've a bit of background behind parallax, take a look at our handpicked selection of some of the most fantastic and brilliant parallax scrolling WordPress themes ThemeForest has to offer.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find the right new theme for your website for 2021 as this list covers a large range of themes, including corporate, eCommerce, personal blogs, and many more.

1. NowaDays—Multipurpose WordPress Theme

NowaDays—Multipurpose WordPress ThemeNowaDays—Multipurpose WordPress ThemeNowaDays—Multipurpose WordPress Theme
NowaDays—Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Nowadays is a stunning parallax WordPress theme that comes with a one-click install for demo content, a drag-n-drop pague builder and powerful theme options.

Nowadays lets you customize from an unlimited number of colors, includes WooCommerce support and is optimised for fast loading with awesome parallax features. 

Smooth animations, custom scroll, over 800 Google fonts and so much more, Nowadays also has free updates and top-notch customer support.

2. Wavo—Creative Portfolio and Agency Theme

Wavo—Creative Portfolio & Agency ThemeWavo—Creative Portfolio & Agency ThemeWavo—Creative Portfolio & Agency Theme
Wavo—Creative Portfolio & Agency Theme

Wavo is a great kick starter for your WordPress parallax Based website. Build many unique pages, thanks to the thousands of options that come with the 60+ pre-made Elementor Page Builder Widgets.

With the flexibility of their structure compatible with WordPress plugins, you can easily build pages such as forms, videos, single products by using drag and drop feature.

Wavo Elementor Theme is compatible with all addons and included important header and footer builder widgets.

3. Flora—Responsive Creative WordPress Theme

Flora is one of the best parallax themes and is a responsive WordPress theme with a creative design. Of course, one of the many different features of Floral is parallax.

However, this fantastic theme has a lot more to offer than that, such as:

  • Various blog and portfolio layouts with nine unique hover effects
  • Multi-option section with simple parallax scrolling and parallax with fade
  • 4Four different navigation designs
  • $51 of premium plugins included. 

Parallax is a cool feature to have in your WordPress theme, but it’s not going to have a big wow-factor if the rest of the theme lacks features and gorgeous visual design. That’s why Flora is a great contender since it has such an excellent visual design!

4. Unero—Minimalist AJAX WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Unero is a great parallax WordPress theme because of its minimal visual design. It’s a multipurpose theme - meaning it is flexible for just about any need you’d have from this theme for your WordPress site.

Unedo integrates with WooCommerce, which is perfect if you want your online store to heavily focus on a clean product showcase with advanced design elements like parallax scrolling or ajax loading.

5. Fortun—Multi-Concept WordPress Theme

Did you know that Fortun has 100 all five-startreviews on ThemeForest? Yup, all 100 of them. And it’s not a new theme either; it’s been regularly updated since its release in early 2017. Here are some testimonials about Fortun:

“Really one of the best themes I have ever worked with. Everything works perfectly fine, theme options are amazing, and it is fast. Definitely recommended!!”

“Really faster and good support. My problems were solved within a few minutes! The design of the template and the administration over the backend are very good!”

“The perfect theme you can choose if you don’t wanna lose time and money! Design quality, very customizable and a fast and efficient customer support.”

6. Blacksilver—Photography Theme for WordPress

If you’re looking specifically to include parallax in your online portfolio, check out Blacksilver. It’s a beautiful theme for photographers that features a simple and clean visual design, allowing your photos to be showcased with style.

This parallax WordPress theme includes many great features that will enable you to create a gorgeous, custom website.

7. Leedo—Modern, Colorful and Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Leedo—Modern, Colorful and Creative Portfolio WordPress ThemeLeedo—Modern, Colorful and Creative Portfolio WordPress ThemeLeedo—Modern, Colorful and Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme
Leedo—Modern, Colorful and Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Leedo is another parallax scrolling WordPress theme that features a vibrant and excellent visual design. The theme’s demo content is exceptionally colorful and creative. It’s going to be a lot of fun customizing this theme for sure.

Although Leedo has such an outstanding design because it’s aimed as a portfolio theme, if your WordPress site is small, you can easily leverage many of Leedo’s features to also show off such a vibrant theme.

8. Newave—WordPress Responsive One Page Parallax

If you’re interested in a single-page parallax WordPress theme, check out Newave. It’s a popular single-page theme that has a lot to offer, including:

  • Visual composer
  • 5 pre-made demos
  • Sliding menu
  • Variety of pre-made shortcodes
  • Various design 
  • Responsive design
  • Font-awesome integration

It’s a simple theme that comes with plenty of customization options to help you create one of a kind single-page website. 

9. Salient—Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Our next parallax scrolling WordPress theme is Salient. It’s most definitely a high-quality theme as it has received almost 6,000 reviews with an average 4.8-star rating over the 7 years it has been on Themeforest.

Salient actually comes with a large template selection that you can easily customize to create the most fantastic WordPress site. It is updated frequently with new designs, features, and bug fixes.

10. Corporate Business WordPress Theme—Cleanstart

Cleanstart focuses on helping you achieve a strong, professional online presence. One of the many elements that Cleanstart is praised for is its flexibility between its various features and customization options. Don’t take our word for it; here are some customer reviews:

“I like the theme, it is awesome with several features in it. I like its flexibility in customization, the UI and code quality.”

“Beautiful, straightforward design. Bought 3 years ago and still the nicest looking of the bunch.”

“I’ve been working with a lot of word press templates lately for various service lines in our business. This is the first one that I’ve purchased which boasts that it is multi purpose and functional and actually provides the flexibility it touts. Very happy with this already.”

11. Movedo—Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

With the current average rating of 4.98-stars across over 180 reviews, Movedo is one, well-regarded WordPress theme. And, of course it features highly-dynamic and customizable parallax functionality among its numerous handpicked section blocks.

Actually, this particular WordPress theme puts a lot of emphasis on animations and transitions to give your visitors a unique experience. 

12. Moose—Creative Multipurpose Theme

When you install Moose you can pick from ten different design concepts from their demos that you can further customize to fit your WordPress website’s needs. Because Moose is multipurpose it can work well for a corporate website, an online store, a portfolio and anything in between.

There are a variety of different plugins that integrate seamlessly with Moose such as WP Bakery, WooCommerce and Layer Slider. Additionally, the theme comes with a variety of different section designs such different menu designs, content and blog display layouts and various header types, to name a few.

13. Fevr—Creative MultiPurpose Theme

Fevr is a fast, modern, and powerful WordPress theme that can cater to just about any need that you might have (it is multi-purpose, after all).

Whether you’re looking for a new theme for your agency, online store, portfolio or maybe a corporate website, Fevr is a great choice to look into! And, of course, one of its many features includes parallax.

14. Scroller—Photography One Page / Multi-page WordPress Theme

Scroller has been on Themeforest since 2013, and it’s still going strong till today. This is another single-page theme on this list that focuses on an elegant and creative display of content. The theme gets regular updates from its creators, so it’s no wonder the theme has been well rated by its customers. Additional features include:

  • Smooth Scroll
  • Mobile Browsers Compatible
  • Font Awesome and Linecons Icons set
  • RTL Language Support
  • Scrolling and Hover Animation

15. Scrollex—Creative One Page Parallax

With a creative theme name like Scrollex, you ought to take a look at this WordPress theme that’s been created explicitly with the parallax scrolling effect in mind.

It’s a great theme that’s regularly updated with new design demos and bug fixes. It’s a great theme for those of you looking to have a powerful and creative single-page website.

16. Photography WordPress

Our next theme on this list features a powerful visual design and hundreds of outstanding customer reviews such as:

“A great looking theme that has huge scope for customization. Also, the customer support has been first class. Would absolutely recommend to others.”

“The only theme you need, packed with features and well documented. Customer service will help you out of you get stuck”

Sure, those are only two pulled quotes, but if that doesn’t get you to look into how this theme can be leveraged for your next parallax site, then I don’t know what will.

17. Supro—Minimalist AJAX WooCommerce WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a new theme for your online store on the off chance, why not give Supro a try? Its design focuses on a minimal and clean presentation that can be easily customized with subtle animations or parallax effects to truly provide a one of a kind online shopping experience for your visitors.

Whether your website uses an LTR or RTL language, Supro will support it well. And, you get to choose from over 18 different but still clean and minimal demo websites, which you can further customize with the theme’s over 200 predesigned elements to make your online shop unique to your needs, parallax scrolling and all.

18. Ivery—Creative Portfolio and CV WordPress Theme

This parallax WordPress theme features a truly creative and vibrant design thanks to its colorful visual design. The different section blocks that some with Ivery do have a wonderful and modern aesthetic which can work really well if you’re looking to have a contemporary and stunning online portfolio.

By combining its demo content and section designs with a feature like parallax you can certainly create yourself a stunning portfolio that’s bound to wow and impress your visitors whether that’s freelance clients, hiring managers or company recruiters.

19. Corpus—Responsive Corporate WordPress Theme

Corpus praises itself for incorporating the best possible user experience design within its theme. With it, you’re able to leverage many wonderful features to create the perfect website. These features include:

  • Pre-made asses and content blocks
  • Revolution Slider
  • Retina-ready responsive design
  • Various page designs for blog and portfolio pages
  • Font Awesome integration
  • CSS Animation

Take full advantage of the clean visual design featured from Corpus along with parallax scrolling or any other animations to create a fabulous WordPress website. 

20. Wiso Photography

Whether you’re a photographer or someone looking to leverage an image-focused website, Wiso is a wonderful choice. It comes with 34 demo designs and 95 albums and galleries for you to choose from. The theme is regularly updated, so expect more designs with each update too. Wiso’s visual design is absolutely captivating, so when you combine that with a parallax, you’re bound to wow and impress any visitor.

Free Parallax WordPress Themes

Envato Market offers the very best in parallax WordPress themes to accommodate any website project. Although premium themes, they're very affordable.

Sometimes though, a project might want a free parallax WordPress theme. Another source for parallax WordPress themes is WordPress itself. Here's a couple to get you started:

1. Parallax Eleven

Parallax ElevenParallax ElevenParallax Eleven
Parallax Eleven

Parallax Eleven is a child theme of featured lite loaded with total customization options plus unique gradient touch.

This theme is specially designed for corporate/business websites. The theme is user friendly and its instant set up process help you to create professional website for a multitude of businesses.

Being a free theme from WordPress, the features and functionality maybe somewhat limited when compared to the affordable, premium parallax WordPress themes available for purchase at Envato Market.

2. VW Parallax

VW ParallaxVW ParallaxVW Parallax
VW Parallax

This parallax WordPress theme is fully responsive with fluid layout and loads on all browsers. It supports RTL writing and can be translated into several other languages. Its full width slider is welcoming with properly placed call to action (CTA) buttons to lead visitors.

It has sticky post option, footer widgets, and three columns layout to let you post your thoughts. Its full customization makes it even more resourceful with facility to make changes through theme customizer in just a few clicks makes it all the more handy. It is full of features like Threaded Comments, SEO friendly and many more. It has social media icons embedded making content easily shareable.

Learn More About Parallax with These Tutorials

More Parallax Inspiration

Let Your Parallax Creativity Flow

As you saw, the above list features a diverse selection of themes with parallax scrolling. And those are only the handpicked ones! You can check out what ThemeForest’s full collection has to offer to find the perfect parallax theme for your website’s needs, in case you didn’t see on here. 

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