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Boost Engagement With WordPress Top Bar and Notification Bar Plugins

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Do you want to create eye-catching announcements that your visitors won't miss? Notification bars are used to immediately grab visitors' attention and engage them without intruding into their user experience. 

WordPress top bar and notification bar plugins come with lots of customization options that allow you to create professional-looking notification bars. They are a good way to announce important messages, promotions and sales, collect emails, and display a call to action. 

Apex Notification Bar Apex Notification Bar Apex Notification Bar
Apex Notification Bar plugin is an example of notification bar plugins available on CodeCanyon.

Notification bars get the message across without obstructing users from viewing content. 

Top Selling Top Bar and Notification Bar Plugins on CodeCanyon

For a low one-time payment, you can increase your lead generation, boost user engagement, and increase conversion rates by adding a notification bar plugin to your WordPress website. 

Bestselling Notification Bar Plugins for WordPress on CodeCanyonBestselling Notification Bar Plugins for WordPress on CodeCanyonBestselling Notification Bar Plugins for WordPress on CodeCanyon

The uses of notification bars are limitless. You can use them to:

  • show important announcements 
  • promote sales, offers, or giveaways 
  • direct users to landing pages
  • get emails 
  • show cookie consent notice 
  • countdown clock timers to create a sense of urgency
  • display social media icons 
  • and so much more... 

Best Top Bar and Notification Bar Plugins on CodeCanyon

Let's look at some of the best notification bar plugins for 2021 on CodeCanyon. 

1. Adning Advertising

Adning Advertising - Professional, All In One Ad Manager for WordpressAdning Advertising - Professional, All In One Ad Manager for WordpressAdning Advertising - Professional, All In One Ad Manager for Wordpress

While Adning is an advertising plugin that allows you to add banners on your WordPress site, you have the option of choosing from a variety of banner styles, including floating content and notification bars.

So if you need to show your ads in notification bars, you're covered. Adning makes it super easy to add notification boxes anywhere on your website. The notification bars are non-intrusive, integrate into your content perfectly, and become part of your posts. 

The system is responsive, so your notification bars and banners will work on mobile, tablets, and desktops. 

2. Apex Notification Bar 

Apex Notification Bar Apex Notification Bar Apex Notification Bar

If you're looking for the most comprehensive notification bar plugin on the market, then Apex Notification Bar ticks all the boxes. This fully responsive, feature-packed top bar plugin comes with 15 highly customizable templates that you can use to build numerous notification bars. 

You can add multiple notification bars—top, bottom, left, right—on a single page. You also have the option of uploading custom logos, using custom background photos, and setting custom URLs. Various elements such as custom icons, email subscribe form, contact popup, posts title slider, countdown timer, search form, and video popup can be added to the notification bars you design.

The plugin is compatible with various modern browsers. It integrates with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Contact Form 7, and it's compatible with all WordPress themes. Best of all, you don't need coding knowledge to use it. 

3. Advanced Floating Content 

Advanced Floating Content Advanced Floating Content Advanced Floating Content

A sticky header warning, sticky footer notice, or message that floats into websites? You can create all that using Advanced Floating Content.

This all-in-one WordPress top bar plugin comes with a free theme builder which you can use to create stylish floating content in a matter of minutes by choosing from unlimited themes and layouts.

You get the ability to animate your floating content or restrict it to logged-in users only, and even hide it from displaying on certain mobile devices depending on the width and height of the notification bar.

And if you want to display video from YouTube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo in the floating content, you just need to embed the code. 

The plugin is WPML compatible, so you can translate your floating content into any language you choose. 

4. WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar

WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar

Customers making a purchase usually enjoy getting free shipping. The WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar plugin helps users to see how much more they need to purchase in order to receive free shipping.

When customers add an item to the shopping cart, a progress bar will show them what amount they still need to spend to get free shipping. A success message will display once they reach the minimum amount.

The plugin automatically detects the customer's IP to get the shipping method of their country. The plugin will detect a customer's country based on their IP address and display the appropriate free shipping bar for that shipping zone at the country level.

The plugin is highly customizable and works on both mobile devices and desktop. 

5. Facebook Live Video Auto Embed for WordPress


Whenever your Facebook account, Facebook page, or Facebook group goes live, you can display the announcement on a site-wide top notification bar. This plugin is perfect if you have an active book club, sell online courses, or you're an influencer promoting products on your Facebook live, or even a public discussion forum, and so on. 

This plugin can be used for your Facebook user account, Facebook pages you own, or public Facebook groups you are an admin of.

6. 8 Degree Notification Bar

8 Degree Notification Bar 8 Degree Notification Bar 8 Degree Notification Bar

Display engaging notification bars using 8 Degree Notification Bar. Using this responsive, feature-rich premium WordPress plugin, you can notify your website visitors about your new releases, offers, messages, and news. 

The plugin allows you to create multiple top bars and scheduled notification bars. It is highly customizable and provides multiple notification bar templates with ten pre-designed templates and custom design features.

Besides, you can add various bar components such as social icons, email subscription forms, contact popup forms, Twitter tweets, and post titles. You can choose from bar visibility types like sticky, show after some time, or hide after some time. 

It is compatible with many modern browsers and integrates with email newsletter software like Mailchimp and Constant Contact. And because the plugin is translation-ready, you can translate your notification bar into any language.  

7. Wiloke Notification Bar

Wiloke Notification Bar PluginWiloke Notification Bar PluginWiloke Notification Bar Plugin

The Wiloke Notification Bar allows you to announce the release of a new item, create promotions, and so much more. This plugin will display notifications at the top of your page.

The plugin has many customization options available, including thumbnail image, background image and color, customized links, and a discount countdown.  

Free WordPress Top Bar and Notification Bar Plugins

1. My Sticky Menu

My Sticky Menu My Sticky Menu My Sticky Menu

This plugin for headers and menus that stick to the top of the website has added a welcome bar feature that can be used as a notification bar for announcements, promotions, and more.

With this welcome feature, you can use custom HTML to create a beautiful notification bar for desktop and mobile, change the font size and font family, show a call-to-action button, or redirect your visitors to another URL when they click.

2. Notification X

Notification XNotification XNotification X

With Notification X, you can let visitors know about your special offers, deals, and announcements with a call to action. This top bar solution for WordPress is absolutely free. You can schedule the start and end times of your notifications, and you will get detailed analytics on how your notification bar performed as well.

3. WP Notification Bars

WP Notification Bars WP Notification Bars WP Notification Bars

WP Notification Bars is a responsive, easy-to-use, lightweight custom notification and alert bar plugin for WordPress. It is perfect for marketing promotions, giving alerts, and increasing click-throughs to other pages. You can create unlimited top bars with unlimited colors for customization. The bars can be in fixed or absolute position. 

4. WPFront Notification Bar

wpfront notification barwpfront notification barwpfront notification bar

WPFront Notification Bar plugin easily lets you display promotions or announcements. You can position the bar at the top or bottom of your website, and you can choose to make it sticky. The bars are fully customizable, and you can also set start and end dates. 

5. HashBar


The HashBar Notification Bar plugin allows you to create unlimited notification top bars to notify your customers. It has options to show an email subscription form and to offer text and buttons about your promotions. You can add unlimited background colors and images to make your notification bar more professional.

Notification Bar Best Practices

The purpose of notifications is to provide value and enhance the user experience. But notifications can easily become a nuisance. When creating your notification bar and notification message, you should be careful not to go overboard. Below are some tips on creating successful notification bars and messages. 

  1. Always give the users a chance to accept or reject whatever the announcement is offering.
  2. Clarity is important—notification messages should provide useful and readable information. 
  3. Maintain a consistent choice of color and icons, especially if you're going to use several notification bars on the page. 
  4. Make sure your notifications are responsive and display correctly on all types of devices.  

Get a Top Bar or Notification Bar Plugin Now! 

You don't need to intrude into viewers' experience in order to catch their attention. On CodeCanyon, you'll find WordPress notification bar plugins that will help you get the message across pleasantly. 

Bestselling Notification Bar Plugins for WordPress on CodeCanyonBestselling Notification Bar Plugins for WordPress on CodeCanyonBestselling Notification Bar Plugins for WordPress on CodeCanyon

While you're here, check out some of our other posts on useful WordPress plugins for notifications and announcements.

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