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14 Best WordPress Weather Widgets & Plugins (With 5 Free)

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Are you looking to display weather forecasts on your WordPress website? A visually pleasing and powerful WordPress weather widget for your website is indispensable. 

WordPress weather widgets allow you and your customers to plan for the weather. These plugins include WordPress weather widget sidebars, local weather widgets, and weather forecast widgets. This will let your potential customers know what local weather they can expect at your venue, whether it's a golf course, a wedding destination, or a restaurant with patios. 

The weather WordPress widgets and plugins available on CodeCanyon and Envato Elements seamlessly integrate an upcoming weather forecast display on your website to keep everyone informed about the weather at your venue. 

Even though we’re powerless against Mother Nature, you and your customers can plan around it. 

Before you head over to CodeCanyon and Envato Elements to find the right user weather widget for your WordPress website, let's explore the benefits of a monthly subscription to Envato Elements

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Weather Widgets on Envato Elements 

1. JEG Weather

Jeg WeatherJeg WeatherJeg Weather

This weather add-on for Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder provides live weather forecasts and current weather status updates on your website. The widget can automatically detect geographic locations to give accurate forecasts and status for areas where your customers are accessing your website from. It comes with customizable weather elements and can also be customized to fit with your website colors. It is also available on CodeCanyon.

2. Weather Informer for Elementor

Weather for ElementorWeather for ElementorWeather for Elementor

Weather Informer for Elementor allows you to add up-to-date meteorological data for a specific city. Just select your language, time zone, and location to get the weather box on your WordPress site. It is based on the OpenWeatherMap API and works with all themes built on Elementor. It also automatically detects location by the user's IP address.

The widget comes with five fully customizable templates for your weather blocks. You can customize the color, typography, text shadow, background color, border, margins, and paddings. You can also choose icons for each weather characteristic or upload your own icon in SVG format. 

This SEO-friendly weather plugin looks great on all devices and browsers. It also supports translations and RTL languages. This plugin is available on CodeCanyon as Synopter: Weather for Elementor

3. WordPress Weather Forecast Plugin

WordPress Weather Forecast PluginWordPress Weather Forecast PluginWordPress Weather Forecast Plugin

This responsive, lightweight, and highly customizable weather plugin for WordPress automatically fetches up-to-date weather data and displays it on your website. Just enter the name, postal code, or coordinates of any location in the world, and you will see real-time temperatures, air pressure, humidity percentage, and more. You can also display the hourly or daily forecast and customize the weather background images or background colors.

The Best Weather Widgets for WordPress on CodeCanyon 

Discover over 4,800 of the best WordPress plugins ever created on Envato Market's CodeCanyon. With a cheap one-time payment, you can purchase one of these high-quality WordPress plugins. 

Weather WordPress plugins available for sale at CodeCanyonWeather WordPress plugins available for sale at CodeCanyonWeather WordPress plugins available for sale at CodeCanyon

Here are some top-rated WordPress weather widgets and plugins that are available for you to download on CodeCanyon.

4. Best-Selling: Simple Weather Plugin

Simple Weather Plugin Simple Weather Plugin Simple Weather Plugin

The Simple Weather plugin displays the current weather via widgets and shortcodes that you can display anywhere on your WordPress website.

These WordPress weather widgets for your website and shortcodes are easy to set up and are packed with all the options you need like location, GPS coordinates, customizable update intervals, day and night temperatures, background colors, and more. 

If you use WPBakery on your site, the publisher also offers Weather for Visual Composer.

This weather widget is also available on Envato Elements.

5. Weather Forecast

 Weather Forecast Weather Forecast Weather Forecast

Elfsight Weather is an easily adaptable WordPress weather plugin. Enter any point, using a ZIP code or GPS coordinates, and it will display the current weather information for any location on the map. Your audience will be able to check the updated info on temperature, air pressure, humidity percentage, and active weather. 

The temperature plugin for WordPress has a weather forecast feature to show the forecast for the week ahead or for the next 12 hours. With this plugin, you can choose the colors you prefer for your widget display.

6. Synopter: Weather for Elementor

Synopter – Weather for Elementor Synopter – Weather for Elementor Synopter – Weather for Elementor

Synopter is an SEO-friendly weather widget that allows you to add a weather box on your website via Elementor. It's based on the OpenWeatherMap API. You can customize the weather templates to complement your page. You can also modify weather characteristics, add icons from the icon library, or upload your own. 

The widget is compatible with all modern browsers and works seamlessly with all themes built on Elementor. It supports many languages, including RTL-oriented languages. 

7. aWeather Forecast 

aWeather Forecast aWeather Forecast aWeather Forecast

The aWeather Forecast plugin is a uniquely designed weather WordPress widget. It can display weather conditions with its cast of 18 animated icons, 4 animated headers, and full-color customization. This is one of the most charming weather widgets you'll find!

This weather widget for your website can display the current weather icon and temperature, current weather conditions, wind speed and direction, pressure, humidity, and more. Not bad for a nifty little temperature plugin for WordPress.

8. City Weather

City weatherCity weatherCity weather

City Weather allows you to add a weather widget to your WordPress site by putting a forecast bar that shows the weather for a certain period—you could display a week or any duration you choose. The weather is displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit. This plugin is responsive and very easy to install.

9. WTPSY Weather Forecast

WTPSY weatherWTPSY weatherWTPSY weather

WTPSY is a highly customizable and easy-to-use plugin that allows you to add a weather forecasting feature to your WordPress site. You can use a widget or a simple shortcode to showcase the weather on your WordPress pages.

5 Free Weather Widgets for WordPress

Without a doubt, paid weather WordPress plugins will offer you the most comprehensive set of tools and features. The features, customer support, and overall user experience will be better with these premium plugins. However, you might not currently have the budget to spend on these premium weather plugins and still need to show the weather forecast to your website visitors. 

That's why I've collected a list of five of the best weather WordPress plugins available for free online.

1. WP-Forecast

This WordPress weather plugin that's free will let you display weather data from AccuWeather and WeatherBug. You can also customize the display features such as location and language.

2. Weather Atlas Widget

Weather atlas widgetWeather atlas widgetWeather atlas widget

The Weather Atlas WordPress plugin weather widget features a responsive design, a detailed forecast, and weather icons. It works well for a weather WordPress plugin that's free. This plugin is easy to set up and use. 

3. Weather Effect

Weather EffectWeather EffectWeather Effect

Weather Effect is a WordPress plugin that showcases falling objects such as snowflakes, candy, valentine hearts, roses, or stickers. This gives a real-time seasonal effect for your website visitors.

4. Location Weather

Location weatherLocation weatherLocation weather

Location Weather is an easy-to-use and customizable WordPress weather plugin that's free. It allows you to add unlimited up-to-date weather information to your web pages or through a WordPress weather widget sidebar.

5. Weather Station

Weather stationWeather stationWeather station

This weather WordPress plugin is free and collects meteorological data from public or personal weather stations and can display it in many elegant ways on your website. Like most other weather WordPress plugins, it can be installed with a shortcode. 

How to Customize the aWeather Weather Forecast Plugin for WordPress 

Now that we've gone over all the best premium and free weather WordPress plugins available, you might be wondering how you can add them to your website. 

Let's take a look at how you can customize a premium weather plugin so it can fit seamlessly into your website. 

1. Insert aWeather Into Your Website

First, we need to insert the aWeather plugin into the site once the plugin is installed. Choose Appearance > Widgets from the WordPress admin sidebar. From there, we will look for the aWeather Forecast tab under Available Widgets. We would like the widget to appear in the footer of our website, so click on the tab and choose Footer. The widget will now be added to our website, and we can begin customizing it. 

customising the aWeather widgetcustomising the aWeather widgetcustomising the aWeather widget

2. Type in Your OpenWeather Map API ID

Next, click on the aWeather widget under the Footer section of the widget editor. This will open up the customization options for the widget. 

In order for the widget to display the current weather forecast for your desired location, we must add an API key in the OpenWeatherMap App ID text field. To do this, click on the Get App ID link next to the field title. 

You'll then need to create an account on the OpenWeather website in order to obtain the API keys. Click the Sign-Up link on the webpage. Once you've signed up with a valid email, click on the API keys link on the second-level menu header. Copy and paste the API key called default back into the OpenWeatherMap App ID text field. Your widget will now be ready to display current forecasts from around the world. 

Type in Your OpenWeather Map API IDType in Your OpenWeather Map API IDType in Your OpenWeather Map API ID

3. Configure the Display

Finally, we can adjust the widget to display the weather forecast how we would like. Under the aWeather widget, type in "London, UK" as we would like to show the weather forecast for London. Next, click the drop-down menu titled Units format, and choose Fahrenheit. Lastly, click the save button at the bottom of the widget. You can now view the weather widget on the footer of all your pages. 

Configure the DisplayConfigure the DisplayConfigure the Display

This is one of the many plugins you will install and configure. This guide by Rachel McCollin is one that you will go back to often.

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Install a WordPress Weather Widget or Plugin Now! 

If you've got a business that relies on the weather, then add a stylish-looking weather WordPress plugin from CodeCanyon. 

The WordPress weather widgets and plugins available will allow you to seamlessly integrate a weather display into your website and give you the option to customize the display so it will fit with your website's theme.

Also on Envato Elements, you will find over 800 weather-related themes, plugins, stock videos, photos, graphic templates, and more.   

Also, there are thousands of other high-quality WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon that can help enhance your business's website. Have a look through this large collection of plugins, and you'll find helpful plugins in all different types of categories, from marketing to eCommerce to social media.

Find the perfect WordPress plugin to help your business succeed and motivate your customers. You can find even more plugin ideas and inspiration in our new free course on finding the best WordPress plugins for your site.

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