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30 Newspaper WordPress Themes to Make Awesome News Sites in 2021


It’s no secret that the way the world consumes news is changing. Gone are the days when people would rely on daily newspapers for their dose of information–instead, a world of online information is available every second of every day. 

bygone era
A bygone era

The figures speak for themselves. In the US alone, 47% of millennials get their news every day from social media, 23% from news websites, and just 7% from newspapers. Couple that with the fact that weekday print circulation in the US decreased by 12% last year, it’s clear to see the overarching trend for 2020. 

Top Newspaper WordPress Themes on ThemeForest

Whatever your views on the changing face of the newspaper industry, if you get your newspaper website right, it’s an environment with ample opportunity to attract audiences hungry for the latest news. Selecting a newspaper WordPress theme from ThemeForest can be a great way to do just that–even if you don’t have any traditional design or coding skills, you can set up a high-quality and professional site in next to no time. 

Top Newspaper WordPress Themes on Themeforest
Top Newspaper WordPress Themes on ThemeForest

With such a vast industry, there are many newspaper themes to choose from, like the news time magazine WordPress theme. Read on for a round-up of some of our favorites for 2020 and beyond. 

1. Newspaper Kolyoum

If you're looking for a versatile theme to host your WordPress news site, then Kolyoum is a safe bet. It has more than ten demo options, including sports, tech, food, and more. Build pages quickly with Kolyoum's block format styles. As you build a following, give your readers an option to subscribe to push notifications with this newspaper theme's Fox Push integration.

Kolyoum Newspaper Theme
Newspaper Kolyoum Newspaper Theme

2. Newsmag - Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Theme

Cover the topics you care about with the Newsmag newspaper WordPress theme. If you want to simulate a traditional broadsheet newspaper, this is an excellent newspaper theme. But this theme for WordPress news also includes demos for food, fashion, sports, and auto news, as well as other beats. This responsive newspaper WordPress theme is beginner-friendly and offers lifetime support to its users.

Newsmag Newspaper Theme
Newsmag - Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Theme

3. Newspaper 

With more than 6,000 reviews and an overall five-star rating, this is one of the best news themes for WordPress online. It supports YouTube videos to help you bring your content to life, is fully SEO optimized, and has a fast loading time – a feature that couldn’t be more important if you want to reduce your bounce rate. For when you’re ready to monetize the site, it also supports responsive Google Ads and Adsense, plus there’s an option for the WooCommerce plugin. 

The slick theme comes with many different templates to choose from, so you can easily select a site that reflects the content you want to show to the world. 

Newspaper Best News Theme WordPress

4. Newsroom – Newspaper Theme

This modern newspaper theme leaves plenty of room for customization. Content is organized by clean and clear blocks, which can be ordered based on the stories you want to tell. There are also four post sliders to choose from, each enabling the user to scroll through content in an aesthetically pleasing way. Social share functionality is also available and designed in a way that it doesn’t detract from the site’s sleek feel. 

Newsroom Best Newspaper WordPress Theme
Newsroom – Newspaper Theme

5. TIMES - Newspaper Magazine Theme

If you’re looking to really engage your audience, this the news time magazine WordPress theme puts comment functionality front and center. Whether you want to stick with the black and white scheme provided in the template or add additional color palettes, there’s also a live customizer which makes editing seriously simple. 

The News Time Magazine WordPress Theme
TIMES - Newspaper Magazine Theme

6.  PRESSO - Modern Magazine / Newspaper / Viral Theme (translation)

Satisfy your readers’ desire for content with this premium newspaper WordPress theme, which allows for infinite scrolling with no wait time for full page load. Instant search also makes finding relevant content super simple, allowing users to explore way beyond the homepage. 

It couldn’t be easier to translate this theme into your preferred language, you just need to use a translation plugin or bundled .po file. 

PRESSO - Modern Magazine  Newspaper  Viral Theme translation
PRESSO - Modern Magazine / Newspaper / Viral Theme (translation)

7. Newspread - Magazine, Blog, Newspaper and Review WordPress Theme (support)

Praised online for the team’s customer support, Newspread is one of the best newspaper wordpress themes out there if you’re a real beginner as any questions are likely to be answered quickly. There’s also support for Mailchimp widgets if you’d like to start sending out a regular newsletter to subscribers, plus 7 post formats to enable you to make the site your own. All these features make Newspread one of the best WordPress themes for a news blog.

Newspread Best Newspaper WordPress Theme
Newspread - Magazine, Blog, Newspaper and Review WordPress Theme (support)

8. Patch - Unconventional Newspaper-Like Blog Theme

Inspired by traditional newspapers, this theme really stands out. Overlapping imagery and content boxes put navigation in the users’ hands, allowing them to explore the site in their own way by choosing the content most useful to them. Again, it’s fully customizable so you can adapt the colors and fonts to best reflect your style. Patch is a nice choice if you're looking for the best WordPress theme for a news blog or website.

Patch Best News Theme WordPress
Patch - Unconventional Newspaper-Like Blog Theme

9. Vinkmag - Multi-concept News Magazine WordPress Theme

This newspaper template WordPress theme is packed with fantastic features that give it a truly high-end feel. The reading progress bar quickly shows people how far they’ve got in the article, adding to the already clear user experience. You can also pick your website width and choose between light and dark modes based on the look and feel of the site you’re trying to create. The theme is also praised for its regular updates and easy-to-use layout. 

Vinkmag WordPress News Theme 2020
Vinkmag - Multi-concept News Magazine WordPress Theme

10. Saxon - Viral Content Blog & Magazine Marketing WordPress Theme

With 27 reusable homepage blocks, there are loads of different ways you can experiment with this theme until you find the perfect style. This template also ticks off all the essentials – it’s optimized for SEO and page speed, is fully responsive, plus it supports WooCommerce. There’s also the option to include a ‘breaking news’ banner at the top of the site to catch readers’ attention. 

Saxon Best News Theme WordPress
Saxon - Viral Content Blog & Magazine Marketing WordPress Theme

11. Newsbeat - Optimized WordPress Magazine Theme

If you're looking for a WordPress news theme in 2020, try out Newsbeat. With 9 demos included within this versatile, premium newspaper WordPress theme, you can quickly see how it can be adapted to the content you’re looking to produce. There are also 5 header styles mixable with more than 25 header layouts which makes organizing your site simple.

Newsbeat Best Newspaper WordPress Theme
Newsbeat - Optimized WordPress Magazine Theme

12. Darpan - News Magazine WordPress Theme

At just $19, this is one of the best WordPress themes for news websites that won’t break the bank. Offering 24/7 support, it comes with useful features like an integrated contact form plus the option for Mailchimp newsletters. There are interesting features like photo color changes as the user scrolls. 

Darpan Newspaper Theme
Darpan - News Magazine WordPress Theme

13. Bayan - Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Theme

Make your WordPress online newspaper with Bayan. With more than 10 slider layouts, you can edit the page as you go – ensuring that your site constantly feels fresh for return visitors. Widgets like recent posts and popular posts are all included, which are helpful ways to ensure ‘old’ content isn’t forgotten as soon as it leaves the homepage.

Bayan - Newspaper Theme
Bayan - Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Theme

14. Flash - Newspaper WordPress Theme

This template allows for lots of content to be aggregated in one spot so it will work especially well if you have bitesize stories to share. With the option for a breaking news bar plus various lists which layer over imagery to show the most popular posts or relevant links, there are many tactics to maximize the readership of your content. Its great look and ease of use make Flash the best news theme for WordPress you can choose.

Flash - Newspaper Template WordPress
Flash - Newspaper WordPress Theme

15. NewsPaper - News & Magazine WordPress Theme

If, like the Darpan theme previously mentioned, you’re not quite ready to ‘let go’ of print newspapers, this template is a good option for you. Rated highly by users for originality, you can experiment with the font styles if the header selected in the demo is too old school for your tastes. 

NewsPaper - WordPress News
NewsPaper - News & Magazine WordPress Theme

16. Digiqole - News Magazine WordPress Theme

A very different feel to the previous theme, Digiqole combines highly visual content blocks with bright splashes of color. The layout would work well as a news or a magazine site, or anything in between. 

For only $25 it’s one of the cheaper options plus it has collected multiple five-star reviews for a range of topics including flexibility, code quality, customer support, and customizability. The gradient used on the navigation bar also mirrors the design trend widely considered to have been inspired by Instagram’s logo redesign

Digiqole Best Newspaper WordPress Theme
Digiqole - News Magazine WordPress Theme

17. Read and Digest - Newspaper Theme

This WordPress newspaper theme looks like it belongs on Pinterest. Full-width imagery gives scope for a really eye-catching website, a great option for photo journalists looking to make their imagery a focal point of the news story. It’s fully responsive and social sharing integration is included. 

Read and Digest - Best News Theme WordPress
Read and Digest - Newspaper Theme

18. PantoGraph - Newspaper Magazine Theme

The people behind PantoGraph have thought of everything. After all, there’s more than 300 pre-built demo pages and more than 100 theme options so it’s a great all-rounder. Once you’ve taken in some of the demos you can easily drag and drop content blocks to make the site fit your needs. A few clicks will show you why PantoGraph is one of the best newspaper WordPress themes in 2020.

PantoGraph WordPress News
PantoGraph - Newspaper Magazine Theme

19. Jannah - News Magazine Newspaper BuddyPress AMP

You just need to briefly scroll through the demo homepage to see the wide variety of features the Jannah template has to offer. You can select the size of your content block based on which news articles you'd like to feature on any given day, plus include a summary of trending news as well as lists of recent, popular, and most commented stories. The five-star reviews speak for themselves. 

Jannah - News Magazine Newspaper BuddyPress AMP
Jannah - News Magazine Newspaper BuddyPress AMP

20. Woohoo – Multi-Purpose Newspaper for WordPress

Colorful, fast, and easy to navigate – three important qualities of any news website and Woohoo has them all in abundance! The template is also regularly updated so even though it was created in 2016, it’s fully WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg compatible. Regular improvements and new features mean it’s a great option for a 2020 WordPress news theme. 

Woohoo  Multi-Purpose Newspaper for WordPress
Woohoo – Multi-Purpose Newspaper for WordPress

21. GoodLife - Magazine & Newspaper WordPress Theme

With more than 2,500 downloads, this is a popular theme and many users praise developers for its design quality. 

The template fully supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) articles which helps pages load quickly on mobile devices – something that can go a long way in decreasing bounce rate. The easy to navigate design makes the WordPress theme a valid option for a wide variety of news outlets. 

GoodLife - Magazine  Newspaper WordPress Theme
GoodLife - Magazine & Newspaper WordPress Theme

22. Papr | News Magazine WordPress Theme

With 8 homepage variations, this is another versatile theme – and for $19, it’s one of the cheaper options too. Only created in October 2019, it’s a new contender but it’s collecting plenty of positive reviews already. Papr is one to watch for 2020. 

Papr  News Magazine WordPress Theme
Papr | News Magazine WordPress Theme

23. Zox News - Professional WordPress News & Magazine Theme

Another popular theme, Zox has been downloaded almost 3,500 times so it must be doing something right. This is the sort of theme to select if you have plenty of content to display as it’s packed with many different blocks. 

There are more than 800 fonts to choose from too, so the only risk you have with this one is being spoilt by choice! The optional ‘continue reading’ button for mobile devices is a nice touch as it breaks up longer content which otherwise could seem overwhelming. 

Zox News - Professional WordPress News  Magazine Theme
Zox News - Professional WordPress News & Magazine Theme 

24. Discussion - News Portal Theme

Clean lines, easy to navigate homepage, and attention-grabbing sliders – Discussion is another WordPress news theme with a lot going for it. Discussion is praised for the support offered by the team, so it’s a good option for beginners looking for a WordPress news theme in 2020. 

Discussion - News Portal Theme
Discussion - News Portal Theme

25. Bold News - Magazine & Newspaper

With four different homepages, you can select the template that works best for you. Subtle touches like image movements as you scroll make Bold stand out. 

It’s easy to use, colors can be adapted quickly, plus it comes with its own set of business-orientated icons which can be used to visually signpost content themes. 

Bold News - Magazine  Newspaper
Bold News - Magazine & Newspaper

Free WordPress Themes From ThemeForest

You've read all about the premium newspaper WordPress themes from ThemeForest, but they might not fit your budget. If you're feeling a little price conscious right now, how does free sound? 

Every month, ThemeForest offers free WordPress themes to everyone. These free themes for WordPress have the same premium quality as other ThemeForest items without the price.

Free WordPress Themes ThemeForest

They're great options if you're looking for a newspaper theme for WordPress that's free. The selection changes each month, so there's always something different to choose from. Have a look and see what free WordPress themes you can find this month from ThemeForest.

More Free WordPress News Themes

We've grabbed a few more free newspaper templates for WordPress online that you can use. These are all good options for your new WordPress news site.

1. Newsever Newspaper Theme

The Newsever Newspaper Theme is a clean, organized free template from WordPress. Choose from default, light, and dark modes to customize the look of your site. Try out the different demos and choose the option that's right for you. Give working with this free newspaper template for WordPress a shot.

2. Viral News Newspaper Template WordPress

This newspaper WordPress theme is great for digital magazines, news, and blogs. Viral News design is simple and easy on the eye for visitors. This newspaper theme for WordPress that's free is SEO optimized, and compatible with many popular WordPress plugins.

3. News Vibe Newspaper WordPress Theme

News Vibe is a modern newspaper theme for WordPress that's free and customizable. Change the color and look of the whole site with a click of a button. If you're looking to get your WordPress news site or music review page off the ground, try out this free newspaper template for WordPress.

4. Newses Newspaper Template WordPress

Newses is a responsive newspaper template for WordPress. This theme is SEO optimized, as well as compatible with many WordPress plugins. Hosting content in other languages is a breeze thanks to its translation support. Not bad for a newspaper theme for WordPress that's free.

5. Ta News WordPress News Theme

This image-driven newspaper theme is a great choice for a sports or celebrity site. It's well organized and looks great on many different screen sizes. There are even areas for advertising that you can use with Google AdSense.

Now, Your Turn!

As you can see, there are plenty of brilliant templates out there to take your news site into 2020! If you’re still on the search for your perfect WordPress news theme 2020, head to ThemeForest and search the full selection. What’s your best WordPress theme for news blogs? Let us know in the comments below!

Extra! Extra! More Newspaper Theme Resources

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