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5 Attention-Grabbing Web Fonts to Download and Use

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Typography is an essential part of great web design, and goes well beyond simply enhancing the look of your website. When thoughtfully implemented, fonts can help you achieve goals as diverse as improving accessibility all the way to reinforcing your brand.

The right font can also be strategically used to grab a user’s attention. This could include, for example, employing type of a contrasting style or color within a call-to-action area of your home page. Because this area stands out from the rest of your content, it will be more noticeable to your visitors. The more eyeballs you draw to this area, the better your chances of making a conversion.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five fonts that are true attention-getters. These selections cover a variety of styles and potential uses. Best of all, each one is available with your subscription to Envato Elements. Home to more than 3,400 top-quality fonts, you’re sure to find exactly what you need for your next project!

1. Rhinos Rocks Brush Font

Highly-stylistic fonts such as Rhinos Rocks Brush are often best when used sparingly. That, in turn, allows them to make the greatest impact. Perfect for use on logos, call-to-actions or one-off headlines, this font comes in both regular and “slant” versions.

Rhinos Rocks Brush FontRhinos Rocks Brush FontRhinos Rocks Brush Font
Rhinos Rocks Brush Font

Also included is a “Swashes” style that sports brush stroke underlines and paint splatters. It’s something unique to help you call attention to important information.

2. Spark Pro - Decorative Typeface + WebFont

At first glance, Spark Pro looks like a fairly simple sans-serif font. However, closer inspection reveals a subtle fuzziness to the edges of each character. It’s much more noticeable at larger sizes, making this bold font ideal for text headers or hero areas.

Spark Pro - Decorative Typeface  WebFontSpark Pro - Decorative Typeface  WebFontSpark Pro - Decorative Typeface  WebFont
Spark Pro - Decorative Typeface + WebFont

The font, available in web and desktop formats, adds an exciting bit of grunge texture while still maintaining a modern, classy look.

3. Air Balloon Font

Hand-drawn fonts such as Air Balloon are a popular choice these days. They provide a more homemade look that goes well with sites that cater to crafts or kids. There is an element of fun here that can spruce up anything from blockquotes to special offers.

Air Balloon FontAir Balloon FontAir Balloon Font
Air Balloon Font

Included in the package are web and desktop versions. Also of note is that there are both upper and lowercase characters – allowing for greater flexibility in your designs.

4. Weisshorn Typeface

We’re seeing wide usage of retro fonts with rough textures like Weisshorn. It’s bold, easy to read and brings a vintage feel to elements such as page headers. This font would also be a great choice for distinctive branding as well.

Weisshorn TypefaceWeisshorn TypefaceWeisshorn Typeface
Weisshorn Typeface

The font includes both regular and “rough” versions and supports 280 glyphs/special characters. It also supports a number of different languages.

5. Indulge Script Font

A script font such as Indulge can add the perfect touch of elegance to a project. While it’s not necessarily meant for heavy usage, it can act as a great attention-getter for section titles or even a logo.

Indulge Script FontIndulge Script FontIndulge Script Font
Indulge Script Font

Inside you’ll find over 880 glyphs and support for a whopping 80 languages. Also included are a set of vector ornaments, standard ligatures, ordinals and fractions. There’s something for just about every need.

Making an Impact Through Typography

The right font choices can help influence user decisions. It can literally make the difference in whether content is easily noticed or not. For designers, it’s all about taking a moment to consider how we can use typography to get our message across more clearly.

The selections above are examples of different ways to attract a user’s attention. They show that you don’t necessarily need any fancy tricks to make an impact. In fact, it can be as simple as utilizing a great font.

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