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Figma Layer Stacking Tips

This post is part of a series called Figma Tips and Tricks.
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In this episode of our series on Figma tips and tricks we’ll look at ways to speed up your layer stacking. Let’s dive in!

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1. Move Layers Up and Down

To quickly move an object up or down the layers stack, hold down CMD or CTRL (depending on your platform) and hit one of the square bracket keys [ or ]. The left square bracket will move an object down the stack, and the right square bracket will shift it upwards.

Move Layers Up and Down in Figma

2. Move Layers to Top or Bottom of Stack

The previous keyboard shortcut, with the addition of holding a modifier key (ALT or SHIFT depending on your platform) will move an object to the top or bottom of the stack. So: 

  • ALT + CMD + [ or ] on Mac OS
  • SHIFT + CTRL + [ or ] on Linux and Windows
Move Layers to Top or Bottom of Stack in Figma

3. Paste Object Directly Above a Layer

If you already know exactly where in your layer stack you want an object to appear, select the item that you want your new object to appear above (which you can do with either CMD or CTRL + click) then paste in your new object.

Paste Object Directly Above a Layer in Figma

Figma Learning Resources

Stay tuned for more tips, and to start using Figma like a pro take a look at our series of courses:

The UI kit used in this tutorial is fully compatible with Figma and available from Envato Elements:

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