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Your First HTML Document in 60 Seconds

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Creating your first HTML document is one of the most satisfying moments for any new web designer. Here’s how to do it in 60 seconds!

Your First HTML Document

Begin by creating a new file and name it “index.html”. Open the file in a plain text editor like Notepad or ideally a code editor like Sublime Text.

On the first line add this doctype code.

Now add opening and closing HTML tags, like this: 

The forward slash indicates a closing tag. Now add a head section with <head> tags:

These head tags are going to contain meta data about our document.

Now add a body section with <body> tags:

These tags are going to hold what gets displayed in the browser window. Now in the head add <title> tags and type “My First HTML Document” inside them. 

In the body add <p> tags and type “This is a paragraph” inside. 

Now go to a browser, open your file, and check out what you’ve just made!

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