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20 Best MailChimp Templates - To Level-Up Your Business Email Newsletter

People love MailChimp because of its ease-of-use and beautiful designs.

Problem is, many times it's cumbersome to try and use your own customized templates if they're not specifically optimized for MailChimp.

Instead, you end up sacrificing either the intuitive interface or the jaw-dropping user experience. Neither of which are acceptable.

Fortunately, we've compiled a list of the top 20 MailChimp email newsletter templates that provide the simple, drag-and-drop functionality without sacrificing style.

Best Selling Mailchimp templates
Best Selling MailChimp templates - available for sale on Envato Market (ThemeForest)

Best Mailchimp Templates

Here's the full list of MailChimp optimized email templates, with a few helpful quick tips at the end to highlight how to use these new beautiful designs:

1. Multimail - Responsive Email Set + MailBuild Online

Multimail is one of the best selling email template sets over the last year for a reason. It comes standard with over 10 multi-purpose email templates for a variety of uses. It's compatible with MailChimp and a number of additional popular email marketing providers. 

But if that's not enough, it also contains over 179 modules to offer literally thousands of different possibilities—sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

Multimail Responsive Mailchimp Template
Multimail - MailChimp optimized template

2. Omail - Email Templates Set with Online Builder

Omail is another email template with hugely customizable options, offering two hundred different modules, and 20 specific multipurpose templates that range from software to fitness and travel. The best part about full, multi-purpose sets like Omail is the range

For example, this one set can help you with a standard newsletter, the next event you have coming up, or even general invoices that need to be sent out.

Omail - Mailchimp Email Templates Set with Online Builder
Omail - MailChimp email newsletter design

3. Kent - Responsive Email + StampReady Builder

Kent comes with over 50 drag-and-drop modules, featuring flat, contemporary design perfect for agencies, eCommerce, and other tech aficionados. 

If you're looking for a template to customize, Kent would be perfect. It comes with templates built out in standard HTML (without pre-formatting tags for MailChimp), so you can easily make edits before sending. 

Kent - Responsive Email  StampReady Builder
Kent - MailChimp compatible email template

4. Emailio - Responsive Multipurpose Email Template

Emailio contains over ten templates, made up of more than 60 different modules. Beyond some of the more common email templates you're used to seeing, Emailio contains templates perfect for weddings, restaurants, new product launches and real estate too. 

Emailio also works with the latest version of Outlook (2016), which can be notoriously problematic for many pre-built email newsletter templates.

Emailio - Responsive Mailchimp Multipurpose Email Template
Emailio - responsive MailChimp template

5. Moka - Creative Email and Newsletter Template

Moka is a traditional business-focused email template that contains sections to describe your services at a glance, highlight team members, and even put the spotlight on specific products.

Moka also features unlimited colors and variations to perfectly match your specific company's brand identity.

Moka - Creative Email and Newsletter Template
Moka - creative MailChimp email design

6. Supra - Pack of 20 Templates + Online Template Builder

Supra contains twenty different email templates to choose from and customize, making it one of the best options for people looking for pre-built templates to use.

In addition to the 'standard' business and product-focused templates, Supra also contains ready-made templates for nonprofit organizations, crowdfunding, resumes, and order receipts.

Supra - Pack of 20 Templates  Online Template Builder
Supra - Email Template MailChimp Ready

7. Course - Responsive Email + MailBuild Online

Course contains 26 modules to create a huge variety of possible layouts. It also provides unlimited color options using their color picker and a simple WYSIWYG text editor for dropping in content. 

When ready, you can 'export to desktop' for other services, or send a template directly to your MailChimp account to speed up the process.

Course - Responsive Email  MailBuild Online
Course - responsive MailChimp email newsletter

8. Deso - Email and Newsletter Template

Deso is another business-focused template, brought to you by the same people who created Moka (number 5 above).

The simple-to-use online editor makes it a breeze to drag modules in-and-out depending on your preferred layout. And the ready-made designs mean you can switch out the basics (like color and content) without worrying about messing up the rest of the beautiful email design.

Deso - Email and Newsletter Template
Deso - MailChimp Email and Newsletter Template

9. Magma - Email Template + EmailBuilder

Magma is a modern and clean template set containing 35 modules to drag-and-drop. The flat design makes for a very simple, elegant email with lots of white space (for those who love minimal designs). Some of the newest modules include 'Specs', 'Reviews', 'Blog', and 'Partners'. 

Magma - Email Template  EmailBuilder
Magma - MailChimp Email Template Design

10. Atellar - Email Newsletter + StampReady Builder

Atellar is a contemporary business template compatible with the StampReady Builder for painless editing.

Perfect for agencies and other technology companies, Atellar features unique module designs including a chart bar and product pricing tables.

Atellar - Email Newsletter  StampReady Builder
Atellar - MailChimp Email Newsletter Builder

11. Ferio - MailChimp Compatible Email Template

Ferio features 22 different pre-built modules to assemble a 'custom' email business layout in minutes (as opposed to hours or days).

Beautiful, full-width video modules make it perfect for highly visual brands. While a dedicated Call-To-Action modules make it easy to get your point across and do more than just show off.

Ferio - Mailchimp Compatible Email Template
Ferio - MailChimp email template design

12. Fountain - Modern Email Template + Online Editor

Fountain is a simple, elegant template that keeps the focus on showcasing your brand, products, and services.

It packs over 40+ draggable modules, but keeps a consistent aesthetic so that your customizations of color and content won't 'break' the overall theme (which can sometimes happen when you start editing too much without a trained eye for design).

Fountain - Modern Email Template  Online Editor
Fountain - Modern MailChimp Email Template

13. Breathe - Responsive Email + Online Builder

Breathe provides businesses a minimal yet modern email design that can work in a variety of traditional industries. 

The modules feature portfolio spaces to show off your latest work, a 'skills' section to highlight service options and a client section with offset background color to make your impressive credentials stand out.

Breathe - Responsive Email  Online Builder
Breathe - MailChimp email newsletter 

14. Agency - MailChimp Ready Email Template

Agency delivers exactly as promised. It's an agency-focused template that combines highly contrasting color sections, a flat aesthetic, and full-width background image sections to give your firm a start-up look and feel. Another interesting perk? Free lifetime updates and support.

Agency - MailChimp Ready Email Template
Agency - MailChimp newsletter template

15. Activo - Email Templates Set with Online Builder

Activo is a monster template pack, stuffed full with 15 email templates and 200 modules for limitless creativity.

It features a few different notification templates, as well as an order confirmation, several travel options and one of the best restaurant focused designs around.

Activo - Email Templates Set with Online Builder
Activo - Best MailChimp Templates Set

16. Atom - Responsive Email + MailChimp Compatible

Atom takes the counterintuitive approach of keeping customizations rather limited because the basic design is already great.

That means you can drag-and-drop different modules for unlimited layouts, and customize the content, images or colors. But otherwise there's nothing else you need to worry about, which makes your life simple if you're looking for a 'done-for-you' solution.

Atom - Responsive Email  MailChimp Compatible
Atom - email newsletter MailChimp compatible

17. Rockmail - Multipurpose Email + Builder Access

Rockmail's minimal design is highlighted by the fact that you can simply add or remove modules directly in the MailChimp editor. You can also specify theme colors and edit images or content directly in MailChimp.

That makes editing and publishing new campaigns on-the-fly a breeze, limiting the need to dive into a third-party editor each time you want to send a new newsletter or make simply copy edits.

Rockmail - Multipurpose Email  Builder Access
Rockmail - MailChimp Email Ready + Multipurpose

18. Professional - Email Newsletter Pack + MailChimp

Professional is a robust solution. It features a fully drag and drop interface to quickly assemble the 13 modules, or edit the 7 email templates included.

Publishing new email newsletters with Professional is a breeze because you only need to worry about matching your basic branding colors, selecting new images and then dropping in some copy. It takes care of everything else! 

Professional - Email Newsletter Pack  MailChimp
Professional - MailChimp designed email newsletter

19. Notify2 - Notification Email + Themebuilder Access

Most notification emails sent from applications or other products are ugly and text-heavy.

Fortunately, Notify2 can help you liven up these critical emails so that people actually look forward to opening and reading them. 

You can send out coupons, deliver important news, and use re-engagement notifications to get people back onto your site similar to how other popular platforms do (like Pinterest).

Notify2 - Notification Email  Themebuilder Access
Notify2 - notification email + MailChimp compatible

20. Monitor - Email Template Set + Builder 2.0

Monitor contains 15 email templates for businesses, real estate, fitness, applications, and more. They also contain over 200 individual modules for infinite customizations. 

Each module features contemporary designs that expertly balance branding and conversions. So you'll be able to sell, without taking away from the overall look and feel you've worked so hard to cultivate.

Monitor - Email Template Set  Builder 20
Monitor - MailChimp email template set 

3 Emails You Should be Sending (In Addition to Your Regular Newsletter)

Emails are five times more likely to be seen than a message on Facebook or Twitter. And they're still, after all this time, produce a better ROI than social media (and almost any other channel).

Chances are, you're already familiar with sending out a standard email newsletter. A semi-frequent round-up sent weekly (or monthly) to a general audience.

These help, but only to a point. 

If you're only sending a single weekly or month newsletter, chances are, you're leaving money on the table.

Event-triggered messages can boost results 600% according to one study from market research firm Gartner.

Adding these into your regular email marketing workflow can give you tremendous leverage with a tiny amount of effort. Because the best news is that you can automate these messages. Just create and set them up once, and then set them on autopilot.

Here are three quick examples that most companies can (and should) begin sending this week.

1. Welcome Emails

These are simple introductory emails to welcome new people and begin building trust. Typically new contacts need 7 'touches' before they start to recognize who you are. So start building familiarity as soon as possible with a 'welcome' email sent immediately to new subscribers or contacts.

2. Post-Purchase Emails

Sending emails to new customers and clients is a smart move to confirm their order and expand on what comes next.

But they're also a powerful way to continue earning trust, moving quickly to squash any potential buyers remorse before it strikes.

Following up after purchases also presents a new opportunity to capitalize on their interest to upsell, cross-sell, or encourage referrals to friends, family, and colleagues.

3. Past Customer Emails

We're all going to lose customers or clients at a certain point in time. Unfortunately, that's a given.

The good news is that you don't have to completely abandon the relationship. Instead, you can send out emails to 'win back' or recover lost customers and clients by highlighting new or different offerings.

Grab a MailChimp Email Template Now! 

MailChimp is one of the simplest email marketing services to use. 

But when you try to upload a pre-built template that's not built specifically for them, problems occur.

Difficulty going back to edit images and copy are routine. Compatibility with other email service providers like Gmail or Outlook can be a nightmare. And don't even bring up responsive for mobile.

Fortunately, the 20 best selling MailChimp email templates listed here are all perfectly compatible with MailChimp, simplifying your life with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop modules. Browse them today to find one that's perfect for your business.

And they do it without sacrificing beauty or aesthetic, so your email newsletter will look as good when published as it does when you originally edited it. 

Start browsing them today to find one that's perfect for your business.

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