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  1. Web Design

Web Design Learning Guides

Learn some essential new web design skills with these learning guides. Each one has been specially designed to help you master an important topic, like web accessibility or using Figma for web design.

If you have questions about a web design concept or framework, these learning guides will answer them. The guide to Vue.js, for example, gives a concise explanation of what Vue is and how it works, while linking out to more in-depth tutorials and courses to help you learn more. You can find similar guides for Adobe XD, Foundation, and much more.

  1. Design School for Developers

    26 Posts
    Design School for Developers is a tutorial series aimed at helping developers (and those new, or simply interested in designing for the web) to understand more about the techniques and decisions employed behind the design they may code.
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  2. Introduction to Adobe Muse

    3 Posts
    Muse is Adobe's web design application aimed at graphic designers, who aren't necessarily comfortable with coding. During this screencast series we'll build ourselves a website, using Muse's friendly interface and tools.
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  3. The Google Maps API For Designers

    4 Posts
    The Google Maps API allows for a huge amount of flexibility, without needing to be a JavaScript God. If you're prepared to get your hands dirty, dive into the API with me and together we'll build a highly original and personalised Google Map!
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  4. Foundation for Beginners

    12 Posts
    Embarking on any web project from a clean slate is a lot of work. Setting up typography, base styles, perhaps a grid system of some kind, media queries.. The alternative; building yourself some kind of front-end framework to start from each time, can be a serious undertaking and involves a lot of maintenance. Happily, open source frameworks such as Zurb's Foundation will do all the heavy lifting for you!
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  5. Let’s Talk About Creativity

    12 Posts
    Creativity. That most intangible and subjective of qualities, but one which forms the backbone of any designer's career. What is creativity? Why are some people able to leverage it, whilst others aren't, no matter how hard they try? How can we improve our creative thought processes and, ultimately, become more creative? All these questions and more will be answered during the course of this session..
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