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18+ Sketch UI Kits and Sketch App Resources for Designers

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Building a cohesive UI for your next app is a super important part of the development process. Why? Well, the user interface is how people will interact with your app, content, and services. It’s how a viewer becomes a user. And without an intuitive and functional UI, it’s a lot harder to reach potential customers. 

Thankfully, if you use Sketch, you don’t have to go through this UI creation process alone. There are tons of Sketch UI kits available on Envato Elements that can save you a considerable amount of time and effort. 

In this article you'll find many Sketch app resources for your everyday projects. 

What is a Sketch UI Kit? 

Sketch is a vector-based design tool that’s primary purpose is user interface design. It allows you to map out the entirety of a user’s interaction with your app (or even your website) primarily through the use of Artboards. Artboards allow you to showcase interactions, dialogs, and states in one place. 

Sketch UI kits are files that you can download for free or purchase that include premade user interaction layouts that can be loaded as Libraries within Sketch. They typically included things like status bars, navigation, tabs, and more. 

19 Sketch UI Kits on Envato Elements 

With an understanding and appreciation of Sketch UI kits, we can now get to the fun part! Here’s our collection of 19 different Sketch UI kits you can find on Envato Elements, a subscription-based service that provides access to thousands of resources each month including UI kits, WordPress themes, stock images, and more. 

Envato Elements Sketch UI KitsEnvato Elements Sketch UI KitsEnvato Elements Sketch UI Kits
Sketch UI kits on Envato Elements

1. Grace - Sketch UI Kits

If you’re looking for something minimal, the Grace UI Kit is a good choice. It offers simple designs that fall into a few key categories including forms, navigation, eCommerce, headers, blog, media, and styleguide. You can use each element however you’d like as a way to jumpstart your next project. Stop looking online for free ui kits, try Grace instead. 

Grace UI KitGrace UI KitGrace UI Kit

2. Hero Section - Sketch UI Kits

The Portland Sketch UI Kit are another standout choice, bringing a minimal and classy look to the table. It includes amazing elements, fonts, tons of shapes, and fully layered and well organized. It’s also described as “pixel perfect” ensuring anything you create with this kit will appear clean and tidy.

Hero sketch UI kitsHero sketch UI kitsHero sketch UI kits

3. Amber Sketch App Resources

Another option is the Amber UI Kit, which is still another minimalist option but emphasizes a moodier and more modern design. It has the right look for use on professional apps and websites and includes elements for headers, stories, portfolios, blogs, testimonials, pricing tables, footers, and more. It also includes Google Fonts and SVG icons. Light and dark variants are included. 

Amber UI Kit by webhanceAmber UI Kit by webhanceAmber UI Kit by webhance

4. Neumorphic UI Kit by cerpow

The Neumorphic UI Kit has an interesting look that makes it appealing for any number of projects. It includes 26 different unique elements that you can apply to your projects immediately, including dropdowns, radio buttons, sliders, arrows, and more. The overall look is three-dimensional, providing a tangible button experience for touchscreens. 

Neumorphic UI Kit by cerpowNeumorphic UI Kit by cerpowNeumorphic UI Kit by cerpow

5. Sketch UI Kits for Figma - Mobile UI Kit

And then there’s the Trave UI Kit, which is described as a mobile UI kit that includes 30 different screen layouts, Google Fonts, and a light and dark variant. It also comes with a Material icon set, base elements, and the Sketch files are well-organized. Screens include things like maps, calendars, reviews, contact forms, and more.

sketch ui kitssketch ui kitssketch ui kits

6. Dashboard Sketch UI Kits by uiuxassets

Another option is the Dashboard Sketch UI Kits. These are desktop and mobile UI kits which can be used for many projects. They come with responsive layouts, light and dark versions, a consistent style guide, signup/login screens, icons, illustrations, and a variety of other screens for guiding users through the user experience. 

Dashboard UI Kit by uiuxassetsDashboard UI Kit by uiuxassetsDashboard UI Kit by uiuxassets

7.  Brake UI Kit by panoplystore

Another option to consider is the Brake UI Kit, which comes with a whopping 60 mobile screen options to select from. Sorted into 12 categories, you’re certain to find the right combination to craft a customer UI for your users. Customize it however you see fit and enjoy the included landing page as well. 

Brake UI Kit by panoplystoreBrake UI Kit by panoplystoreBrake UI Kit by panoplystore

8. Dashboard Info Sketch UI Kits by Qo7

Still another option is the Dashboard Info UI Kit. This kit offers a modern design that’s really rather simple, but that can be a good thing. Sometimes, all you need is a straightforward UI to guide visitors through a defined process. A few noteworthy things included are login forms, active states, and modals. It could easily be used for a tech, business, or health-related app. This amazing kit works for Sketch, apps and more resources. 

Dashboard Info UI Kit by Qo7Dashboard Info UI Kit by Qo7Dashboard Info UI Kit by Qo7

9. Marnie Sketch UI Kits by royalzdotstore

Don't waste time trying to find free UI kits online, If you need an interface for an eCommerce app, the Marnie Sketch UI Kits are a fantastic choice. It offers an in-depth retail experience with 21 different screen designs and 150 elements to pick and choose from. The files are layered and customizable and you can quickly create a minimal shopping experience for your customers. 

Marnie UI Kit by royalzdotstoreMarnie UI Kit by royalzdotstoreMarnie UI Kit by royalzdotstore

10. Web UI Kit by spacestudios

And then there’s the Web UI Kit, which is a real powerhouse in terms of options provided. It comes with over 40 different customizable blocks that span across 15 different categories that relate directly to tourism and travel-focused industries. It also comes with a design system that shaves considerable time off making updates. 

Web UI Kit by spacestudiosWeb UI Kit by spacestudiosWeb UI Kit by spacestudios

11. Prisma iOS UI Kit for Sketch by hangouts

Perhaps the Prisma iOS UI Kit for Sketch is more your style, providing 70 different iOS screens to choose from for creating the ultimate app design. It has a decidedly modern feel, with elements that span the gamut from login pages, navigation, profiles, maps, tracking, and so much more. The files are layered properly, making edits a snap, and you can modify color styles with just a few clicks. If you need an Apple UI kit, then Prisma iOS UI kit for Sketch is the right option for you. 

Prisma UI Kit by hangoutsPrisma UI Kit by hangoutsPrisma UI Kit by hangouts

12. Profiles iOS UI Kit for Sketch by buydesign

If you’re on the hunt for an Apple UI kit in particular, the Profiles iOS UI Kit for Sketch is an excellent choice. This Apple UI Kit comes with four different iOS templates, 520 icons, an 8px grid, two free fonts, and well-organized vector files that you can customize to suit your specific needs. When you work with this Apple UI kit you'll notice its amazing features and compatibility. 

Profiles iOS UI Kit by buydesignProfiles iOS UI Kit by buydesignProfiles iOS UI Kit by buydesign

13.  Dashboard Page UI Kits by DimoGraphic

Another option is Dashboard Page UI Kits, which offers several screens for creating dashboard views on websites and in mobile apps. It comes with vector files you can customize however you like as well as plenty of icons. This would be ideal for financial tracking apps, fitness apps, business apps, and many other applications as well. 

Dashboard Page UI Kits by DimoGraphicDashboard Page UI Kits by DimoGraphicDashboard Page UI Kits by DimoGraphic

14. Blog Template UI Kit by betush

If you want to use Sketch to create a blog layout, the Blog Template UI Kit is the obvious choice. It comes with easy-to-use templates, UI elements, fonts and icons, and all layers, fonts, and colors are totally customizable. 

Blog Template UI Kit by betushBlog Template UI Kit by betushBlog Template UI Kit by betush

15.  Course UI Kit - Nuzie by GranzCreative

Now, if you want to create an online course or educational app, the Course UI Kit is a standout option. It provides dashboard screens that could be readily customized for teachers, online classes, webinars, and more. It’s loaded with dashboard components, page templates, fonts, and a responsive and modern design that’s retina ready. 

Course UI Kit - Nuzie by GranzCreativeCourse UI Kit - Nuzie by GranzCreativeCourse UI Kit - Nuzie by GranzCreative

16. Finance Dashboard UI Kit by burdurstudio

If you’re working on an app related to the finance industry, the Finance Dashboard UI Kit is a stand-out choice. The design style is engaging and fun, while still maintaining a sense of professionalism. It comes with two design styles, tons of elements, and it’s fully customizable to suit your purposes. 

Finance Dashboard UI Kit by burdurstudioFinance Dashboard UI Kit by burdurstudioFinance Dashboard UI Kit by burdurstudio

17. ARON WEB UI Kit by laaqiq

Another option is the ARON Web UI Kit, which is intended specifically for designing website design prototypes. It comes with 280 elements that span across nine different categories and a light and dark mode. It also comes with a styleguide you can use to make customizations. 

ARON WEB UI Kit by laaqiqARON WEB UI Kit by laaqiqARON WEB UI Kit by laaqiq

18. Lesta - Real Estate UI Kit by noansatudio

And then there’s Lesta, a real estate UI Kit that can be used for apps and website designs. It comes with 25 different screens and it’s fully customizable and scalable to work with whatever design you have in mind. It does come with real estate-specific screens but it can be customized to work for nearly any purpose. 

Lesta - Real Estate UI Kit by noansatudioLesta - Real Estate UI Kit by noansatudioLesta - Real Estate UI Kit by noansatudio

19. Foodnow - Sketch Mobile UI Kit by angelbi88

Last on our list is the Foodnow UI Kit, designed for restaurants, food apps, and other food-related industries. It’s a mobile UI set that comes with 22 different screens, each well-layered and organized to make for easy customization. It also comes with over 100 UI elements and free Google Fonts. 

Foodnow - Sketch Mobile UI Kit by angelbi88Foodnow - Sketch Mobile UI Kit by angelbi88Foodnow - Sketch Mobile UI Kit by angelbi88

Useful Sketch App Resources to Push Your Development Forward 

Having the right Sketch UI kit on hand is a significant help. However, that might not always be enough to get you moving forward. For that, having a handful of Sketch app resources available could give you the boost you need. First, let’s explore some free UI kits for those on a stricter budget. And then we can explore available tutorials and resources for further learning. 

5 Free UI Kits for Sketch

If you’re on the hunt for a free UI kit for Sketch, here’s a few that could do the job quite well. 

Check out these free UI kit examples: 

1. Free UI Kit for Sketch

This Free UI Kit for Sketch is available on Dribbble and provides a stylish and colorful design that immediately captures everyone's attention. Everything from headlines to tabs to profiles are included in this UI Kit’s design. 

Free Sketch UI KitFree Sketch UI KitFree Sketch UI Kit

2. Android Lollipop - Free UI Kit

Another option is the Android Lollipop free UI Kit, which offers a stylish set of designs you can use when putting together an Android-based app. The screen designs are colorful and intuitive to use, offering a much more pleasant user experience for anyone who ends up downloading your app. 

3. Free UI Kit for Sketch - An Apple UI Kit

Sketch ElementsSketch ElementsSketch Elements

Elements is a free UI kit offered by Sketch themselves. It’s designed for iOS and greatly simplifies the process of getting started with creating Sketch designs. It comes with 35 screens, 45 icons, and 175 symbols. It also allows for full customization of colors, fonts, and symbols. 

4. fitgoal - Fitness Icons and Free UI Kit

If you want to create a fitness-related app, you can use fitgoal, a UI kit created by InVision. This free UI kit comes with 30 screens, 26 icons, and over 170 different components that you can mix and match to create your ideal fitness app. It comes with icons, style sheets, and more.

5. Scratch Free UI Kit

Scratch UI KitScratch UI KitScratch UI Kit

Lastly, there’s the Scratch free UI Kit. Also offered by InVision, this free UI kit is flexible but intended for use on food or restaurant apps. It has tons of screens relating to recipes and ingredients. Specifically, it comes with three artboard sizes, 10 screens, and over 100 components so customizing is simple.  

Free UI Kit Examples on Tuts+

We’re giving away free UI Kits which you can download right here on Tuts+! Check out what’s available right now, and stay tuned for more free UI Kits coming soon!

Sketch Tutorials and Courses 

As you’re gathering resources to create designs in Sketch, it’s never a bad time to get your hands on some tutorials and online courses, as well. We’ve written quite a few over the years that are well worth a look. 

Tutorials for creating specific types of Sketch apps:

Courses for learning how to use Sketch, from beginner tutorials and startup guides to in-depth walkthroughs: 

And these are worth a look too: 

  1. Sketch and CSS: Bridging the Gap
  2. Wireframing with Sketch

Enhance Development with Sketch UI Kit Examples and Resources

Creating an app or a web design in Sketch could be a daunting prospect if you’ve never used the software before. However, with a stable of Sketch UI kits on hand, it’s hard to go wrong. Hopefully, this collection of UI kits presents you with plenty of options to get started with. And the bonus freebies and tutorials stand to extend your learning even further. Best of luck! 

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