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25 Popular WordPress User Interface Elements

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Are you looking for interfaces that will help your WordPress website run smoothly?

User interface elements are one of the most important parts of your website's design. They help your users understand what your website is about and provide a way for them to interact with it. 

The feature-rich user interface plugins that are offered on CodeCanyon and Envato Elements will help you to create a visually appealing and fully functional website. 

With these premium WordPress interface elements, you will be able to:

  • create nested menus
  • add customizable popups
  • create eye-catching timelines
  • showcase your media through sliders and carousels 
UberChart - WordPress Chart PluginUberChart - WordPress Chart PluginUberChart - WordPress Chart Plugin
UberChart is one of the user interface plugins available on CodeCanyon and Envato Elements.

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WordPress User Interface Elements on Envato Elements 

1. Smooth Scrolling for WordPress

Smooth Scrolling for WordPressSmooth Scrolling for WordPressSmooth Scrolling for WordPress

This WordPress interface element gives visitors an incredibly smooth experience when scrolling through your website.

Features included:

  • lightweight and fast
  • native JavaScript without jQuery
  • suitable for all kinds of layouts
  • automatic detection of mobile devices
  • works both for the entire website and for individual pages.
  • all major browsers supported: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera
  • compatible with major WP plugins: Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, BuddyPress 
  • works with popular website page builders: Elementor, WPBakery, Gutenberg, etc.

2. Tabs for Elementor

Tabs for Elementor Tabs for Elementor Tabs for Elementor

This plugin for Elementor allows you to quickly and easily create responsive tabs with any content. The tabs are responsive, so they work on all devices. 

You can display the tabs in any possible style like at the top, bottom, left, right, or even custom positions. You can also add images, audio, video, or shortcodes to the tab content.  

Other features of this tab widget for Elementor:

  • adding icons or images for each tab
  • multiple tabs for one page and anywhere on the site
  • adjustable tabs content height
  • customizable fonts, colors, borders, backgrounds, etc.
  • WooCommerce compatibility

3. Navigation Menu for Elementor

Navigation Menu for ElementorNavigation Menu for ElementorNavigation Menu for Elementor

This plugin comes with everything you need to create a unique and user-friendly website navigation menu for mobile, tablet, or desktop. You can simply add vertical or horizontal responsive menu blocks anywhere on your website page in just a few clicks. The menus work well across all browsers. 

Features included:

  • customizable mobile menu 
  • supports horizontal or vertical layout
  • custom mobile menu logo
  • flexible settings of a submenu display position
  • included POT file for quick translation on any language
  • perfect for RTL direction
  • works well with all WordPress themes built on Elementor
  • SEO-friendly
  • WooCommerce compatibility

4. Price List for Elementor

Price List for ElementorPrice List for ElementorPrice List for Elementor

This plugin allows you to create attractive pricelists and price tables for the pricing page on your website. You can create outstanding customizable price blocks, add the information to the necessary fields, and display it both horizontally and vertically. 

Features include:

  • five pricing templates 
  • customizable pricing layout
  • text and background gradient
  • flexible style settings for price elements
  • includes design layouts for Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD
  • works well with all WordPress themes built on Elementor

5. Image Slider for WPBakery

Image Slider for WPBakeryImage Slider for WPBakeryImage Slider for WPBakery

This plugin allows you to create slides and slide-sets for your website in order to make it more engaging and interactive. 

Features included:

  • two slider elements with different types of displays 
  • add and display custom content to slide
  • customizable slider height
  • flexible content settings
  • ability to manage the number of columns for different devices

6. Accordion Slider PRO 

Accordion Slider PRO - Responsive WordPress PluginAccordion Slider PRO - Responsive WordPress PluginAccordion Slider PRO - Responsive WordPress Plugin

Accordion Slider PRO is a full-featured, fully responsive, and touch-enabled accordion slider plugin. It offers a modern, intuitive, and engaging user experience. It works on both iOS and Android devices. 

Here is a list of this plugin's top features:

  • multiple accordions on your website or on the same page
  • multimedia support—images, YouTube video, and Vimeo video
  • lightbox support—images and videos will be opened in a lightbox window
  • share the large image opened in the lightbox on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest
  • supports deep linking to an image which will be opened in lightbox automatically
  • SEO—description for each image which will be indexed by the search engines

7. WordPress Pro Event Calendar

WordPress Pro Event CalendarWordPress Pro Event CalendarWordPress Pro Event Calendar

The Pro Event Calendar plugin adds a professional and sleek calendar to your posts or pages. Features include:

  • 100% responsive
  • easy to manage events
  • let users submit events from the front end
  • add special dates to your calendar, like holidays
  • allow users to book events
  • export bookings list to Excel (XLS)
  • limit the number of bookings in an event
  • Google Maps support

8. Loading Progress Bar for WordPress

Loading Progress Bar for WordPressLoading Progress Bar for WordPressLoading Progress Bar for WordPress

This plugin adds a "page loading" progress bar to your website. The plugin automatically detects the loading progress percentage and indicates it on the progress bar. You can use any color or gradient for the bar and display it in a convenient place on the page.

9. WordPress Author Box for Elementor

WordPress Author Box for Elementor

When your website content is linked to an actual person, it increases the level of interest and engagement of your visitors. The Author Box WordPress plugin allows you to introduce the author of the posts in a nice author info box. This allows readers to learn more about the authors and contact them personally through social media or other available means of communication. 

The Best WordPress User Interface Plugins on CodeCanyon

Browse through over 7,000 of the highest-quality WordPress plugins ever created on CodeCanyon. With a low-cost one-time payment, you can purchase these high-quality WordPress plugins and improve your website experience for you and your visitors. 

Here are some of the best-selling user interface WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon for 2021.

Best Selling WordPress Interface Elements
Browse CodeCanyon for the best-selling WordPress user interface plugins available

Top 16 WordPress User Interface Plugins (From CodeCanyon for 2021)

In today's digital world, website users are accustomed to seeing and interacting with modern user interfaces. These elements will help your website be more user-friendly.

1. UberMenu: WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu PluginUberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu PluginUberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Mega menus are a WordPress user interface element that I really like but can be difficult to implement. But it's easy with the UberMenu WordPress mega menu plugin!

  • enhanced mobile experience
  • easily add images and icons
  • build beautiful menu layouts
  • columns, rows, maps, forms, and more

Tabbed submenus? Google Fonts? Vertical or horizontal? UberMenu has it all.

2. Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress PluginSlider Revolution Responsive WordPress PluginSlider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

When you need a slider—especially if you want an easy way to build it—you have to consider the Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin.

  • animations, color pickers, layers—it's got them all baked in.
  • social media feeds
  • media galleries
  • hero blocks
  • carousels
  • sliders
  • and more

The number one feature that makes this slider appealing is the powerful visual editor. Sliders are sliders, but the Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin brings a complete, robust slide designer suite.

3. Green Popups

Green Popups Green Popups Green Popups

As much as I hate popups, sometimes you just need a popup. The Popup Plugin for WordPress is the easiest way to build and display popups on your WordPress site.

Features include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • jQuery and CSS3 animations
  • social network integration
  • A/B campaign stats
  • 200+ popup library
  • mobile-friendly design

Popups can be triggered by onLoadonScrollonClickonExit, or onIdle events.

And also features:

  • sidebar widget
  • link locker
  • inline form
  • and more

Green Popups is a robust solution that looks great to users and proves useful for admins.

4. Cool Timeline Pro: WordPress Timeline Plugin

Cool Timeline ProCool Timeline ProCool Timeline Pro

Add a timeline to blog posts, organization history pages, and more with the Cool Timeline Pro plugin. Create both horizontal and vertical timelines with its built-in designs and beautiful animation effects.

  • convert any post type into a timeline
  • pagination for long timelines
  • create multiple timelines
  • add icons
  • simple, clean, and flexible

The Cool Timeline Pro WordPress Timeline Plugin is a great way to build a timeline from your current content or to create a new, standalone timeline to help communicate to your reader.

5. Responsive FlipBook Plugin

Responsive FlipBook PluginResponsive FlipBook PluginResponsive FlipBook Plugin

Deliver web content within a beautiful UI with this incredible WordPress plugin.

At first glance, the Responsive FlipBook Plugin looks like a nice way to display content with its cool bookshelf design. But it's so much more.

Features include:

  • mobile zoom
  • PDF wizard
  • easy print
  • lazy load
  • and more!

Create and present a complete collection of online eBooks with the Responsive FlipBook Plugin. It's pretty amazing.

6. Superfly: Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin

Replace your current WordPress menu or enhance it with the Superfly responsive menu plugin. This plugin is power packed and easy to use.

Menu design options include:

  • side, skewed, and fullscreen menus
  • image backgrounds
  • static or anchored
  • icon bar
  • and more

The Superfly Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin also includes display options, making it super easy to build the right menu for the right user interface.

7. The Team Pro: Team Showcase WordPress Plugin

The Team Pro team showcase WordPress plugin claims to be “the most versatile WordPress plugin available to create and manage your Team page.”

I think they're right.

  • slide-ins
  • drawer
  • circles
  • modal
  • table
  • cards
  • grid
  • list

With these 8 presets, over 20 style options, and clean designs, your team never looked so good with The Team Pro WordPress plugin.

7. Progress Map WordPress Plugin

Progress Map Wordpress PluginProgress Map Wordpress PluginProgress Map Wordpress Plugin

The Progress Map WordPress Plugin is feature-rich. I most certainly can't do it justice with this short summary. The vision behind this WordPress user interface plugin is this:

“The aim is to help users having websites like hotel listings, real estate listings, restaurant listings, job listings, store listings & more… to list their locations on Google map and to easily navigate through the map using a carousel.”

  • search filter and distance search
  • custom post type support
  • custom markers
  • 70+ map styles
  • geo-targeting
  • retina ready
  • and much, much more

Progress Map WordPress Plugin is easily one of the most robust map plugins you're going to find. 

8. Testimonials Showcase WordPress Plugin

Testimonials Showcase - WordPress PluginTestimonials Showcase - WordPress PluginTestimonials Showcase - WordPress Plugin

Display and manage your client, customer, and supporter testimonials easily with the Testimonials Showcase WordPress plugin. Testimonials never looked so good. 

Features you will find include:

  • over 15 layout customization options
  • grid or slider layout
  • star rating system
  • and more

The Testimonials Showcase WordPress Plugin also includes front-end submissions.

9. Team Builder

Team BuilderTeam BuilderTeam Builder

Here are a few notable features of this plugin:

  • grid, slider, table, and widget support
  • drag and drop builder
  • skill and stat bars
  • social icons bar

Add this plugin to your website today!

10. UberChart: WordPress Chart Plugin

UberChart - WordPress Chart PluginUberChart - WordPress Chart PluginUberChart - WordPress Chart Plugin

If you want to share data visually, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better way to build and present it than the UberChart plugin.

It's highly customizable and ready to drop into your WordPress install.

Its feature set includes:

  • 240 customizable options for each chart
  • embedded spreadsheet editor
  • import and export data
  • fully responsive

And it includes ten different chart types: line, area, bar, horizontal bar, pie, doughnut, radar, polar area, scatter, and bubble.

UberChart WordPress Chart Plugin is impressive.

11. Kreatura Slider Plugin for WordPress

Kreatura Slider Plugin for WordPressKreatura Slider Plugin for WordPressKreatura Slider Plugin for WordPress

Kreatura Slider Plugin was built with user experience in mind. This plugin is a fully responsive and touch-enabled WordPress slider plugin that allows you to create professional and elegant sliders. The slider plugin focuses on simplicity and performance, while still providing a wide range of customization possibilities.

Here are a few of the plugin's features: 

  • animated layers
  • carousel layout
  • infinite scrolling
  • SEO friendly

12. LoftLoader Pro: Preloader Plugin for WordPress

LoftLoader Pro - Preloader Plugin for WordPressLoftLoader Pro - Preloader Plugin for WordPressLoftLoader Pro - Preloader Plugin for WordPress

Sometimes you need more time for something to load. Videos? Lots of HD images? Easily add a loading animation to your pages with the LoftLoader Pro Preloader Plugin for WordPress.

It's pretty fancy.

  • adjust minimum load time
  • 18 CSS3 animations
  • works on all devices
  • built-in editor
  • and more

The LoftLoader Pro plugin makes it easy to add an animated loading screen—no coding required.

13. Ultra WordPress Admin Theme

Ultra WordPress Admin ThemeUltra WordPress Admin ThemeUltra WordPress Admin Theme

There's customizing the WordPress Admin. And then there's the Ultra WordPress Admin Theme.

This WordPress user interface takes admin customizations to a whole new level.

  • admin menu management
  • create your own theme
  • import/export settings
  • and much, much more

From the login screen to the top admin bar, the Ultra WordPress Admin Theme makes the entire WordPress Admin experience fully customizable.

14. PageLoader: WordPress Loading Screen and Progress Bar 

PageLoader: WordPress Loading Screen and Progress BarPageLoader: WordPress Loading Screen and Progress BarPageLoader: WordPress Loading Screen and Progress Bar

PageLoader is a wildly customizable loading screen and progress bar plugin for WordPress. 

Features include:

  • loading image
  • loading icon
  • progress bar
  • loading messages 

15. Alter 2

White Label Wordpress Plugin - WpAlter

This plugin is a bit different than all the other user interface plugins as it allows you to customize your WP dashboard instead of the front end of your website. This plugin can help you create a more visually appealing and clutter-free dashboard that will help you be more productive. Give the old WP dashboard interface an upgrade with this handy plugin!

Take a look at the Alter 2 demo video to see how you can transform the back-end of your website. 

16. WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider Pro

WP Logo Showcase - Responsive WP PluginWP Logo Showcase - Responsive WP PluginWP Logo Showcase - Responsive WP Plugin

It's time to amp up your portfolio page. It's time for WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider Pro.

This WordPress plugin is designed to showcase a designer's work, but it can also be used to display client and partner logos or anything else that fits within this type of user interface.

This responsive slider features:

  • includes both a slider and a grid widget
  • tooltip and custom animation options
  • over 15 predefined designs
  • drag and drop admin
  • and more

Some sliders try to offer everything, while the WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider Pro focuses on one particular niche and style of slider and nails it perfectly.

Free WordPress User Interface Plugins for Download in 2021

By purchasing a premium user interface plugin, you will receive the best plugins on the market. The premium plugins will contain more features and come with customer support. If you are serious about giving your users the best possible website experience, these premium plugins should be your first choice. 

However, your current budget could restrict you from purchasing one of these premium user interface plugins. That is why I have collected a list of four of the best free WordPress user interface plugins available.

1. NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN GalleryNextGEN GalleryNextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is a simple, easy-to-use photo gallery plugin that can display your images beautifully on your website. Included is a complete management system with the ability to batch upload photos, import metadata, edit thumbnails, and group galleries into albums.

2. SlickNav Mobile Menu

The menus on your website are the gateway to your website's content. If your menus aren't configured for mobile users, then you are not catering to a large part of your website's traffic. The SlickNav Mobile Menu will allow you to create a menu that works perfectly for mobile users. 

3. eDS Responsive Menu

eDS Responsive MenueDS Responsive MenueDS Responsive Menu

eDS Responsive Menu allows you to easily and intuitively create a slick and professional WordPress menu. You can generate vertical and horizontal navigation, an icon toolbar, or a fullscreen menu. This makes navigation much more user-friendly. Give this powerful plugin a try on your WordPress website!

4. Poptin

This free plugin is a high-quality exit-intent popup builder and lead generation platform for your website. You can create beautiful popups, opt-ins, and forms within minutes! Grow your audience with this complete tool. 

How to Add a Popup to Your Website With Green Popups

Popups are an integral part of any website. They are a great tool to use to generate sales and collect email addresses without being intrusive and while fitting into the design of the website. These popups help shape a user interface that your visitors will be accustomed to and receptive to.

In our example, we are going to be the owners of a clothing eCommerce store that is looking to let our visitors know that there is a sale on one of our shirts to help with our sales. We will create a center screen popup that will appear on our entire website so users can quickly spot this sale and take action on it.

Once you have installed the Green Popups plugin, head on over to WP Dashboard > Layered Popups > Create Popup. This will take us to the main popup editor, where we can begin the popup creation process. We will first type in "Shirt Popup" in the title editor.  Next, we will adjust the position of the popup to be in the center so the user is sure to see the sale ad. 

Layered Popups Position of PopupLayered Popups Position of PopupLayered Popups Position of Popup

Next, we will create the actual popup. Scroll down to the Popup Constructor section and click on the +Add Layer widget on the right-hand side of the screen. You will then be presented with a menu of options to choose from, and we will select the Image tab. We have a specific graphic that was created for this particular sale, so we will add that from our media library by clicking the Media Library button.

Layered Popups Adding Image to the popupLayered Popups Adding Image to the popupLayered Popups Adding Image to the popup

Once our image is added, we will add a URL to the popup so the user will be redirected to the product page of the shirt we have for sale. We will enter the product URL in the URL field in the Image editor. Finally, click the Create Layer button at the bottom of the editor. Our popup is now ready to go. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Save Popup Details button.

Next, we need to activate the popup on our entire website. Navigate to WP Dashboard > Layered Popups > Targeting. Click the Create link in the Active Targets field. The edit target editor will now be displayed, and we will select Shirt Popup from the drop-down menu called Desktop. This will activate the plugin on the entire website. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and click the Save Target button. 

That's it! Our popup sale ad will now be displayed on the entire website!

Layered Popups Sale AdvertisementLayered Popups Sale AdvertisementLayered Popups Sale Advertisement

What to Look for in User Interface Elements

A user interface is like a road map. It tells users where to go and how to get there. It helps them navigate the system. 

That said: Good user interfaces are built with the user in mind. They focus on usability and user experience.  

Some characteristics of a good user interface include:


Responsiveness when it comes to user interfaces means:

  • the interface works on all devices
  • the interface loads quickly and works fast 
  • the interface lets users know what's going on while they wait...

A good example is the progress bar

Other examples: loading bar, sending, typing, spinning wheel, 

Familiarity and Consistency

Does the interface use familiar icons, buttons, tabs etc that users can easily recognize? 

A good example is the consistency you find across Microsoft interfaces. Think of the familiar icons that represent files, folders, save, and so on. These allow users to quickly understand how a system works. They can intuitively use it to carry out their task by doing and the learning curve is near zero.

Intuitive means that the UI is easy to navigate and users can learn it quickly without needing a manual 

Install a User Interface WordPress Plugin Now! 

Whether you are running an eCommerce website or a blog, you will need to have a user-friendly user interface that gives your website viewers a modern website browsing experience. CodeCanyon offers the most complete user interface element plugins on the web to help give your website the best tools available to succeed.

You can integrate advanced menus, sliders, timelines, graphs, and much more from all of the premium plugins available on CodeCanyon.

Remember to browse through the thousands of other high-quality WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon and Envato Elements that can help take your website to the next level. This massive collection contains all types of plugins, including advertising, newsletter, eCommerce, and social network plugins.

Find the perfect WordPress plugin to give your website and business the best chance to succeed. 

Here are a few of the best-selling and up-and-coming WordPress themes and plugins available for 2021.

This post has been updated with contributions from Franc Lucas. Franc is a writer for Envato Tuts+ who enjoys exploring the world of SaaS.

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