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Sketch Mirror in 60 Seconds

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Sketch has a great feature called “Mirror” which allows you to preview, real-time, your work on an iPhone, iPad, or a browser. Let’s take a look at its features in sixty seconds!

Mirror, Mirror

The Mirror iOS app is free–download it from the app store, open it and Sketch will show your device in the drop-down. Click your device name to connect and you’re done!

Sketch also generates an address that’s available in your local network so you can preview your work in the browser. Regardless of how many connections you have, every change you make in your document will be reflected in your browser or your device. 

Mirror also supports multiple artboards which can be accessed by swiping on your device or using the navigation buttons in the browser. 

Mirror has many great applications; you can share your artboards live with coworkers, or test your design on a smartphone or tablet.

A Bit More Detail

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