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620+ Video Courses From Expert Instructors

Video-based courses to help you learn creative and technical skills.

  • Affinity Designer

    Affinity Designer Quick Start

    1.9 hours
  • Performance

    Performance Matters: Optimizing Page Load

    1.6 hours
  • CSS

    Understanding the CSS Box Model

    0.7 hours
  • WordPress

    Go Further With WooCommerce Themes

    1.4 hours
  • WordPress

    WordPress Admin Customization

    1.2 hours
  • Form Design

    Web Design Basics: Rules of Great Form Design

    0.3 hours
  • SVG

    Using SVG Sprites

    0.9 hours
  • HTML

    Solid HTML Form Structure

    0.8 hours
  • Text Editors

    Web Design Basics: Choosing a Text Editor

    0.9 hours
  • Working With Clients

    Workshop Your Way Through the Web Design Process

    1.1 hours

    ASP.NET MVC for Designers

    2.3 hours
  • Jekyll

    Building Static Websites With Jekyll

    2.8 hours
  • BaseKit

    Building Websites With BaseKit

    0.5 hours
  • CSS3

    10 CSS3 Projects: Branding and Presentation

    2.6 hours
  • CSS3

    10 CSS3 Projects: UI and Layout

    2.4 hours