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4.1 Conclusion

Hello and welcome back to ASP.NET MVC for Designers. In this course, we talked about how you, as a designer, can build out your HTML sites within the ASP.NET framework and more specifically, within the MVC pattern, and the things that we've talked about in this course, the techniques that we've covered, are real life applications. I personally know a designer whose full time job is to build out HTML CSS websites within an MVC pattern using Visual Studio. That's all he does. He even jumps into the code a little bit as we talked about in these lessons in order to build out things like a product list page or a product detail page. So the things we've learned in this course are real-world applications, so hopefully you've learned a lot about the MVC framework, or at least enough to help your developers get a good head start in building out their web projects. So, thank you so much for watching. Again, my name is Craig Campbell and I'll see you next time.

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