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1.3 The Course Structure

Let's take a look at the course structure. There are 20 lessons in total. We have five introduction ones where you'll learn about preprocessors and how to install Sass. Then 14 lessons for the essential aspects of Sass. And finally, a conclusion lesson. Now this course is meant to teach you Sass in 14 days, that's one lesson a day, around ten minutes, that's a coffee break, basically. Each lesson has an exercise attached to it. You can find it in the source files. And along with that exercise, you'll also find a folder with the solution. I strongly suggest you make this exercise, because it's a very good way of testing what you've just learned in the video lesson for that day. Once you create your own solution, you can go ahead and compare that against the provided solution, or answer, in the source files. If you want, of course. And if you have a problem with a lesson and need some extra help, you can always create a thread on the community forum. Now, each day also has a base folder. The base folder contains the files you should start working on in that particular day. Now, you could watch this entire course in a single day. But I recommend you stick to the one lesson per day rule, because it's gonna help you, it's gonna give you time to assimilate what you learned, and some people just don't have that kind of time. Maybe you just want watch that lesson when you're on the subway or when you're going to work or when you have a coffee break from work, it's really up to you how you do it. If you want to get it done faster, then get two lessons per day. And by doing that, you're gonna shorten the entire duration of the course to one week instead of two. The information really is out there. It's really up to you how you use it. All right, now, with that, let's go ahead and start learning about Sass in more detail. And the first thing we should start with is, well, how do you install it and how do you use it? That's coming up next.

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